internal customers vs external customers

Internal Customers vs External Customers

Internal Customers and External Customers are basically those who purchase or buy the product of an organization / company / factory. The customer may be the vendor,...
Ladybug vs. Asian Beetle

Ladybug vs Asian Beetle

The difference between a ladybug and an Asian beetle is that a ladybug is an insect that is found in the leaves of the plant and is...
hardware vs software

Hardware vs Software

Hardware and software are two important components in any computing, electronic or digital device. Both are dependent on each other and can’t operate without each other. As...
formal communication vs informal communication

Formal Communication vs Informal Communication

The main difference between formal communication and informal communication is that formal communication is always backed by pre-defined channels of communication while there are no rules set...
formal assessment vs informal assessment

Formal Assessment vs Informal Assessment

The main target of the formal assessment is to present a systematic way for the prime goal of evaluating the progress of the students in a specific...
traditional trade vs modern trade

Traditional Trade vs Modern Trade

The difference between Traditional Trade and Modern Trade is that Traditional trade is a broader organization of building trades which have the resources of working for places that...