Primary Metabolites vs Secondary Metabolites

Metabolites are the microbial products, which are the low molecular weight compound, necessary for the cell’s or body metabolism processes. These products are categorized as primary and secondary metabolites. The microorganisms possess a tremendous capacity to synthesize different products that are also commercially used. The metabolites which are essentially required for the growth and maintenance … Read more

Introns vs Exons

Genetic information flows in the living things by the synthesis of DNA and RNA. DNA makes RNA, and then RNA synthesizes proteins. These processes are Replication, Transcription, and Translation. In Replication, DNA or deoxyribose nucleic acid are copied to generate an identical copy of the DNA molecule. After this step, Transcriptions starts in which ribonucleic … Read more

Signs vs Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of a disease are confusing words for a non-medical layman and are mostly used interchangeably. These words have the same meaning but different features. Signs of any disease are observed by doctors or physicians, whereas symptoms are noticed by the patients themselves. Physicians and health care professionals decide the disease of the … Read more

Mini Tummy Tuck vs. Tummy Tuck

Are you struggling with stubborn belly fat? Have you massively gained weight after pregnancy? Have your strict diet plan and strenuous exercises are unresponsive? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, you are at the right spot! In this article, we will learn the most effective solution for the stretched-out muscles of … Read more


Hospitals in general, are of three types, primary, secondary, and tertiary. All of these types have a variety of units based on a specific purpose. In primary hospitals, all units might be located together but in tertiary care hospitals, they are typically separated by the type of care that the patient required. Besides general wards … Read more

Hips vs. Waist

Hips and waist are two different body parts that are connected but perform different functions. The difference between hips and waist has a great significance not only for those who want to look slim and sexy but also it is a very useful indicator of your current health state. Doctors have started to make use … Read more

Spotting vs. Period

Spotting vs. Period

Most commonly the spotting is marked as the one of the earliest sign of positive pregnancy but yet it can’t be assured as several other reasons might be lying underneath it. The main difference between Spotting and period is that in spotting minimal or sometimes even unnoticeable amount of blood gets discharged from the vagina. … Read more

Globular Proteins vs. Fibrous Proteins

Globular Proteins vs. Fibrous Proteins

Main Difference The type of proteins found most commonly around and have a spherical nature and readily soluble in water, unlike the other types known as globular proteins. The type of proteins only found in animals and have a rod-like a shape that may look like a wire wounded around a structure become as fibrous … Read more

Lemon vs. Lime

lemon vs lime

Some people think lemon and lime are interchangeable but there is nothing like that lemon and lime both belong to the same citrus fruit family, but both have slightly different flavors and scents. Lemon and lime both are rich in vitamin C. The main difference between lemon and lime is that Limes are green and … Read more