SATA vs IDE Hard Drive

SATA has a much faster data transference rate, compared to IDE. SATA connectors typically support broadcast rates of up to 6 gigabytes per second associated to only 133 megabytes per second for the IDE.IDE has a ribbon-like a cable with either a 40-pin or 80-pin connector IDE stands for integrated drive electronics. SATA has a … Read more

Data Roaming vs Cellular Data

Main Difference Data roaming and cellular data are associated to the SIMs services and Wi-Fi network of smartphones and Android phones. With the advancement in technology, the menus and features of mobiles are increasing day by day. The phone itself doesn’t explain the technical terms. To understand the differences between these two terms, it is … Read more

GUI vs Command Line

Main Difference The GUI allows the users to interact with the system with the use of the keyboard or the mouse for manipulating the visual elements on the screen while the command line refers to the way for the interaction with the computer with the help of typing text commands into the terminal window. GUI … Read more

MI5 vs. MI6

To overcome the threats of internal problems of the UK, the MI5 takes necessary actions. The MI6 works for the people of United Kingdom and cover the hazards come from outside the boundaries of the UK. MI5 MI5 is a British government security administration accused of the insurance of the British monetary hobby and parliamentary … Read more

XML Schema vs DTD

The term of XML is basically the short form of the EXtensible Markup Language. The main purpose of the XML Schema is to provide a standard way that must be simple in order to encode data and text in such an exclusive manner that the content will become capable of exchanging across the driver hardware, … Read more

DSLR vs. SLR Camera

Are you going to buy a new camera? Sometimes it becomes difficult for beginners to choose the right camera, particularly when they are starting their photography career. However, both these terms (DSLR and SLR camera) are known as confused terms in the photography world. So, if you are confused, whether to buy an SLR or … Read more

Optical Fiber vs. Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable is a pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation material with aluminum covering used to transmit telephone, television and data signals. Fiber Optic cable is used to deliver the same types of signals but carry much wider bands of frequencies. It is made of thin and pliable tubes of glass and plastic. … Read more

Computer vs. Calculator

computer vs calculator

A computer becomes an electronic device used to store information and then process it in binary form depending on the instructions the user gives. On the other hand, a calculator gets defined as a device used for making mathematics and algebraic calculations and has a visual display. Comparison Chart Basis Computer Calculator Definition An electronic … Read more

Processor vs. Microprocessor

processor vs microprocessor

Like a soul in our body keeps us alive so that the processor does in the computer. Both processor and microprocessor performs various functions for a computer through integrated components. They are the heart of the system. It is the processor which accept the input, information or data and command to process and store it … Read more

Application Software vs. Operating System

application software vs operating system

Computer or cell phone programs that help people to complete different tasks at faster speeds in addition to the services existing within the electronic equipment has the meaning of application. An operating system gets defined as the program that becomes the basis of a device and helps with all the function irrespective. Comparison Chart Basis … Read more