Oven vs. Microwave

Main Difference

An oven is thermally insulated chamber that is always used for baking, drying and the heating purposes and the microwave is an electronic appliance that always heats the food with the use of the electromagnetic radiations in the spectrum.


ovenOven is one of the most common appliances that are used in the culinary world. There are so many kinds of ovens and among these types kilns and furnaces are used the most for metalworking and pottery that are really very different from their culinary cousins. Conventional oven is the best way for the making of the pizza or the cupcake or waffle. They are cooked perfectly in the oven as ovens are actually made for these things. In the conventional oven, the electric current flows with the help of the metallic elements for heating up the elements and then in turn it helps in cooking of the food properly. The thermostat that is present in the oven helps in the measurement of the temperature and it also adjusts the current through some kind of element that always maintains the temperature. Some ovens also have the fans that help in distributing the heat uniformly.


microwaveMicrowave always uses such kind of process that is known as dielectric heating that always causes the polarized molecules in the food for rotating and building up the thermal energy that results in the heating of the food efficiently and really very quick. The basic purpose of the microwave is to pre cook the food and also for the heating the slow cooking items like the butter chocolate and such kind of fats. Though, the microwave cannot be used for the professional cooking since the flavors produced for the purposes of frying or baking can’t be done with the help of the microwave.

Key Differences

  • Oven helps in cooking of the food, while microwave is only used for the pre heating of the food.
  • A thermally insulated chamber is used for baking food in oven and the electromagnetic heat is used for heating the food in the microwave.
  • Microwave uses dielectric heating, which causes the polarized molecules.
  • Microwave cannot be used for professional cooking.
  • Gas ovens are perfect for professional cooking.

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