Memory vs. Hard Disk

Main Difference

Memory and hard disk are two terms associated with computing world and both deal in internal storage of a laptop or computer. With the evolution in technology many terms that looks like same has been categorized. Each term has now a specific definition. What is memory? What is hard disk? What are the differences between memory and hard disk? All are revealed in this article.


 memoryMemory is a fundamental part of laptop or computer that stores the necessary information required by CPU for a short period of time. Without memory, CPU cannot perform its functions that’s why it is among fundamental parts of computer. If you have ever noticed inside your computer than you would have seen it is form of tiny flat boxes designed on a rigid flat sticks that are installed on motherboard. Like CPU, it also contains some kind of chip. The difference is that its chip contain memory devices. Normally computers comes with built-in memory sticks and extra memory sticks can also be installed in case of additional requirement. The basic purpose of memory is to remember the things that will be performed by CPU.

Hard Disk

hard-disk Hard disk is a basic source of data storage in computers and laptops. Although it is gradually replacing with flash storage but it is still used to store music, videos, documents, images and every kind of digital data. System cannot operate without a hard disk because it is the hard disk which stores the operating system, like Windows and Linux, and run the operating system. It provides all those information, which are required by CPU and RAM. It permanently holds the saved data until delete by users or it is crashed. In fact, it is kind of a magnetic disk consists upon a platter, reader bar, circuit and magnate.

Key Differences

  • System built-in memory is volatile in nature as it automatically erased in case of shut down. While data on hard disk will be permanently saved until delete by users or there occurs some bad sectors in hard disk.
  • Memory increases the speed and performance of computer while hard disk has no such kind of major impact on system performance.
  • If there is no enough space in computer to save any file you can make the place for it by removing unwanted data. But if the computer refuses to run a program because of not having enough memory than you are required to upgrade the memory.
  • Hard disk magnetically stores the data while memory electronically store the data.
  • Upgrading the memory in laptop is a complex process while adding additional hard disk is easy because now external hard disks are available for laptops.

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