7Up vs. Sprite

The difference between the 7UP and Sprite soft drinks is the use of sodium and potassium, the difference of taste and the difference of brands producing them. 7up was launched in the year 1929, and its country of origins was the United States of America. Sprite is a product of the Coca-Cola Company and was introduced in the year 1961 in Germany. Sprite is high in calories as compared to 7up.

What is 7Up?

7Up was launched in the year 1929, and its country of origins was the United States of America. It is manufactured under the company names of Dr. Pepper, Snapple Group, and Pepsi Cola. It was originally developed by Charles Grigg with the effort of many years. Until 1929, he was able to formulate a correct formula for the drink. It was the first lemon soda drink that was launched in the world.  The initial ingredients of the drink involved the chemical named Lithium citrate that was regarded as a mood stabilizer. Later on it was abstained from mixing in the formula.


What is Sprite?

Sprite is a product of the Coca-Cola Company and was introduced in the year 1961. It was first launched in Germany where it gained a lot of popularity upon its first launch. It was first introduced as the rival drink of others and was regarded as the competent lemon fizzy drink.


Key Differences between 7Up and Sprite

  1. 7up is said to be more carbonated than other and is more difficult to drink in a faster pace due to its tangy flavor. Sprite tends to be sweeter as well while drinking and thus it can be easily gulped then the other too.
  2. 7-Up has a lot of fizz and has a stronger taste as compared to Sprite.
  3. The 7UP drink is made by PepsiCo and Sprite is manufactured by Coca-Cola.
  4. Sprite is high in calories as compared to 7up.
  5. 7up has 100% natural flavors as well as no added colors or artificial preservatives as compared to sprite.
  6. Sprite goes down easily and quickly than 7UP, which tastes a little bitter and harder to gulp in large quantities.
  7. While Sprite relies on sodium salt, 7UP makes use of potassium salt.
  8. Statistics make it evident that Sprite is the more lovable white soda, ranked as the 6th most popular beverage of 2013, occupying 8% share of the beverage market. Sadly, 7 Up didn’t even make it to the top ten and apparently it had started losing the game back in 2000 when it occupied just 2 % of the market share.

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6 thoughts on “7Up vs. Sprite”

  1. In Denmark where I lived we could get both 7•UP and Sprite when I was a child and a very young man, men during recent years it has been impossible to find 7•UP anywhere in Denmark although PepsiCo have a fine market share with many of their other products here in Denmark.
    I SOOO prefere 7•UP to Sprite, and now I have to rely on Germany (I live 200 km from the border) and I have to drive across the border to Germany where I can still buy 7•UP and the I fill my trunk with 7•UP so I have plenty for my Ginn Fizz and also just as a pleasant soft drink.
    My wife (who are British with a very capital “C”) also concurs. She says that 7•UP has that true old-fashioned Lemonade taste, whereas Sprite tends to taste more “sticky”, artificial, and too sweet. Sprites seems to her to be a “kiddies” soda, whereas 7•UP are for the more mature connoisseur.

    Every time I am abroad I always ask for 7•UP and unfortunately I have to agree with the article. Pepsico seems to loose market share to Coca-Cola on this product type – which is TOTALLY beyond me.
    The strange thing is, that though I prefer 7•UP (from Pepsico) to Sprite (from Coca-Cola), when it comes to Cola I would have a Coca-Cola any day, even to such a religious a degree, that if someone only serves Pepsi Cola I’d take a glass of water or club soda over a Pepsi Cola any day. That just goes to show, both companies got something right. Coca-Cola nailed the taste of Cola whereas Pepsico nailed the taste of 7•UP (in my book, of course – but that goes without saying).

    Unfortunately Denmark is such a microscopic little country that it could easily be mistaken for a tiny stain on a map, with only 5 mill. inhabitants (which is probably one of the reasons we always keep the top spot on the “most happy people on earth” scale made by UN every year), but that unfortunately also makes us way too small to be a market worth pursuing by a company like Pepsico. And that makes me sad! I want my 7•UP back.

    … and I am on my last frame of 7•UP so within a month I have to go to Germany to buy 20 new frames of 24 cans of 7•UP, so my fridge in the kitchen as well as my minibar in my office NEVER runs dry. 🙂

  2. … by the way. The extra Fizz in a 7•UP also makes it much more suitable as a drink mixer, as the resulting drink will still contain plenty of fizz even when watered down by the melting ice cubes.

  3. I agree with the guy from Denmark! I have always loved 7Up . It has a fresher, more citrusy/lemon-lime-y taste. Definitely more refreshing,.. and significantly less sugar. I am old enough to remember it in lever handle vending machines for 5 or 10 cents,.. in the green glass 7 ounce bottle. “You like it, it likes you” was emblazoned on the bottle. Sprite is sweeter, stickier and less flavorful. I am glad Germany has both. I’m a 7Up guy!

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