Social Change vs. Cultural Change

These both are the types of changes adopted by a person but one of it is related to social practices and the other one to culture. The main difference between social and cultural change is, social change basically refers to the change adopted by the whole society lie feminism or women empowerment is a type of social change integrated in society. On the other hand cultural change is refers to a particular group in a society. Cultural change affects the social change. Since all cultures are social in its origin and meaning so that is from where the social change has basically emerged.

What is Social Change?

Social changes are accepted modes of life and these could occur due to so many reasons lie changes in geographic conditions, cultures, composition, environmental changes and many more factors. There has always been a great degree of confusion in the meaning of these two types of changes. Social change is only a part of a broader change, which is actually the cultural change. Social change refers to alterations or changes in social relationship among people. It refers to changes inn social structure, like role or status of a person. It refers to modifications or improvements made in a certain living style.

What is Cultural Change?

Cultural change is a very vast area to explore. It refers to changes made in cultural elements. Both, material and non-material. All important changes have cultural aspects within them. Culture tends to give certain dimension and momentum to a social change to see the limits of that social change. Cultural change includes change in technology lie introducing advanced appliances, automobiles, machinery and many more. Moreover, it also refers to the change in ideology, beliefs, administrative system of a society and many more. It tells us about the changes that ought to be made in our life style, habit patterns and in advancing our mode of life. These changes may also include the invention of new trends, art, dance, television, music and much more.

Key Differences between Social Change and Cultural Change

  1. Cultural change is a very broad and dynamic change.
  2. Social change is only a part of cultural change.
  3. Cultural change includes change in ideology, administration and social change refers to changes in social relationship among people.
  4. Social change is all about improvements made to uplift certain life style.
  5. Cultural change gives new direction to social change.
  6. Cultural change could be material or non-material.

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