Molds vs. Yeasts

Main Difference

Molds and yeast, both are a type of fungi. The main difference between mold and yeast is, mold is grown in multi-cellular filaments or hyphae while yeast grow as a single cell and not in the form of multi-cellular filaments unlike mold.


molds Mold is a type of fungi which is usually fuzzy in appearance and is black, brown, grey, blue, green or yellow in color. Mold is grown on surfaces which are moist, it has tubular branches having genetically identical and multiple nuclei. Not all types of mold causes health related hazards but some are beneficial as well and are useful in bio-degradation. Molds are long cells, which look like threads. Molds are reproduced sexually and asexually through spores. Some molds are also used in the production of energy by secreting enzymes that are helpful in degrading bio-polymers for example starch, lignin, cellulose into simpler products. Mold is responsible for causing various respiratory and allergic issues. There are various forms of molds and penicillium is one of those. Steam filled, dark and damp areas are usually the habitat of molds.


yeastYeast is a unicellular fungi. It reproduces asexually through the process of binary fusion. They are even used in the manufacture of various food material and even medicines. It is also used in beverage production like alcohol. Yeast is responsible for converting carbohydrates to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Moreover, it is also used in the manufacture of bread. Yeast can also cause health related problems specifically in those people who have compromised immune system. Yeast is colorless, harmless, micro-organism, they have high sugar content as well. Yeast is very commonly found specifically on fruits like berries, on skin and even in the abdomen. Most of them reproduce in an asexual manner through mitosis, the most common method of reproduction id budding.

Key Differences

  • Yeast is unicellular while mold is multi-cellular.
  • Some molds are colorful while yeast is colorless.
  • Mold is reproduce sexually and asexually through sores while yeast is reproduced asexually by the process of mitosis. Most common method of yeast reproduction is budding.
  • Yeast affect those with compromised immune system and cause diseases. Mold is known to cause health related illness in almost every person having severe exposure.
  • Yeasts are mostly harmless as compared to molds.
  • Yeast is used in the manufacture of alcohol by the process of fermentation. Whereas, mold is not.

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