Hard Copy vs. Soft Copy

Hard Copy vs. Soft Copy

Today any type of readable and writable data can be shaped into two different forms. Either in the form of soft copy or in the form of hard copy. The basic purpose of these two is the presentation or storage of written material and data. The purpose of this article is to draw a fine … Read more

Laptop vs. Notebook

Are you going to buy a new device for yourself? And are you confused about whether to buy a laptop or notebook? If yes, we have some information about the differences between the two devices, which will help you in choosing between notebooks and laptops. Every year modern technology introduces a wide variety of new … Read more

Point-to-point Connection vs. Multipoint Connection

point to point connection vs multipoint connection

Getting connected with a system has many ways, different companies provide unique tools that help in connecting each device with the other. Some of these methods have become old, and new ones have come in existence. The two such methods getting discussed in this article are point-to-point and multipoint connections. They both have their variations, … Read more

Impact Printer vs. Non Impact Printer

impact printer vs non impact printer

The main difference between Impact and non-impact printers is that impact printers were the first of their kind which was used for printing documents but has become redundant. whereas, Non-impact printers are the current form of printers that are extensively used. Comparison Chart Basis of Distinction Impact Printer Non-Impact Printer Definition The older form of … Read more



From user’s point of view, there isn’t much difference in these tools. The RPM and DEB formats are both just archive files, with some metadata attached to them. They are both equally arcane, have hardcoded install paths and only differ in subtle details. DEB files are installation files for Debian based distributions. RPM files are … Read more

Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu

Lubuntu and Xubuntu are basically the distributions for the Ubuntu. Both are the lightweight operating systems. Xubuntu is based upon XFCE desktop environment while Lubuntu is based upon LXDE desktop environment. The basic purpose for designing both was to develop a lightweight distribution that can work on low RAM machines i.e. 256 MB of RAM. … Read more


pvc vs upvc

To the informal viewer, there’s a short distinction between PVC pipe and UPVC pipe. Both are a plastic pipe used largely in the building. Further than the external similarities, the 2 types of pipe are manufactured differently and thus have different characteristics and a few different uses in the building and the other industrial work … Read more


ftp vs sftp

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) are two different file transfer protocols and they are used to perform networks environment’s most common task to transfer file, data, and information between the hosts on the network. FTP and SFTP are file transfer protocols. The main difference between the FTP and SFTP is … Read more

Fiddle vs. Violin

Fiddle vs. Violin

Violins have been in the history of various nations with various music genres. The more traditional version of the violin leads to fiddles. Both have the same physical appearance. Violins are used commonly for jazz, classical and country genres music while Fiddles are used in Celtic cultural performances, folks, and bluegrass music. Violin has four … Read more

Airlines vs. Airways

Airlines vs. Airways 1

Have you ever noticed before booking your tickets that some companies, carrying passengers are called airlines, while some are called airways, Have you ever thought, why? Both of these companies do the same kind of work but the names are different. Well, for starters, the main difference between airlines and airways is, for marketing purpose. … Read more