Mini ITX vs. Micro ATX

Main Difference

The small form factors motherboards have two major categories known as the mini ITX and the micro ATX. These are the two main motherboards which are available in the small that are used in small computers. Both ATX and ITX, as a motherboard, are well equipped with the exclusive features that are vital for running a computer. The term of the small form factor motherboard is very common used primary for any motherboard that is available below a specific size. The utilization of these sorts of motherboards can be observed in those types of computer devices which are smaller than that of a laptop and therefore, they are not the standard computers at all. This is the major reason that you are able to see their immense employment in the non-standard computers and computing devices such as the small or handheld computers together with the popular tablet that uses these types of motherboards as well. It is a true fact that in order to make a smaller computer, need of a smaller motherboard for which these motherboards are ideal. The major differences between Mini ITX and Micro ATX are shown below.The main motive behind the creation of the micro ATX form factor motherboard is to provide the same capacity to the small size computer with lower power consumption which a larger ATX form factor motherboard is giving to a standard size computer. The Mini ITX form factor motherboard, on the other side, is smaller than that of the micro ATX form factor motherboard. It requires even less power that that of the micro ATX. The features of the mini ITX form factor motherboards is less than the micro ATX and ATX motherboards. The maximum size of the micro ATX maximum that is available in the market these days is 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches, but the standard available size of the Mini ITX is only 6.7 inches by 6.7 inches. The major difference between the micro ATX and mini ITX is the characteristic of the expandability. The micro ATX motherboard is able to provide you four slots for expansion cards, but in the Mini ITX motherboards, you will find only one slot for the similar purpose. The computers which have the Mini ITX motherboards are not in a need of as many fans to keep it cool as compared to other computers.

Mini ITX

mini-itxThe size of every mini ITX motherboard is standard and fixed that is composed of the 170 mm. x 170 mm and 6.7 inches by 6.7 in inches. As the name implies, the mini ITX form factor motherboards have small size as compared to others and it needs low power for running. These are produced and developed by the well famous company of the VIA Technologies for the very first time in November, 2001 but at the present time, the Intel and AMD are also manufacturing these sorts of motherboard as well. The prime purpose behind the production and designing of these kinds of motherboards is to support the low-cost computers that are used in small spaces like vehicles, set-up boxes, and network devices. The major advantages of the Mini ITX computers are their size which is small, low noise, and less power maintenance and thus, ideal for small computers.

Micro ATX

micro-atxThe micro ATX form factor motherboards ware come in the market in the year of 1997. The size of these types of motherboards is less the standard ones but bigger than that of the mini ITX particularly in specification. The available sizes of the micro ATX are three known as the standard, minimum and maximum. The standard size micro ATX motherboards are available in 305 mm. x 244 mm. or 12 inches x 9.6 inches dimensions. The minimum size models have the 171.45 mm. x 171.45 mm. or 6.9 inches x 6.9 inches, and the maximum size ATX motherboards can be obtained in the sizes of 244 mm. x 244 mm. or 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches. These kinds of motherboards are able to support the CPUs made by the VIA, Intel, or AMD. They are well furnished with four PCI or PCI Express expansion slots and contain a full range of integrated peripherals that are available in the standard size motherboards such as the audio, graphics, and Ethernet.

Key Differences

  • The size of the micro ATX motherboards is significantly greater than that of the micro-ATX.
  • The micro ATX motherboards can be obtained in three sizes known as the standard, maximum, and minimum. The mini ITX motherboards are available only in one size.
  • Unlike the mini ITX motherboards, the micro ATX motherboards are the perfect substitutes for the full-size ATX motherboards.
  • The mini ITX takes less power than that of the micro ATX.

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