Wind Power vs. Hydropower

Hydropower and Wind power are two important sources whenever we discuss the power generation. Basically, no source of power generation works in all the situations, In most of the cases, hybrid systems work best, wind and hydropower generation units have the maximum efficiency and  works best mostly in the stormy seasons. Hydropower has the lowest cost per watt hour and usually a predictable output after the year whereas on the other side wind turbines usually operate in the areas where the wind is in abundance and the blades of the wind turbines spin to generate the electricity. basically, hydropower transforms the movement of water into the power whereas on the other hand flow of wind is transformed into the power.

What is Wind Power?

Air flows and air pressures are used to run wind turbines. Massive air flows are utilised to run the blades of the wind turbines. Nowadays modern wind turbines which are referred as utility-scale wind turbines ranging from 600-kilo watts to 5 Megawatts of rated power, considering the fact that usually most commercial  usage of the turbines has the rated output ranging from two to three megawatt. The power which is acquired from the wind turbines is dependent on the cube of the wind speeds, so whenever the speed of the wind increases consequently power at the output of the wind turbines boosts up significantly. Those particular turbines which are in the range of high-speed effect result in the dramatically up to the maximum output for that specific turbine. Preferred locations and sites for the wind farms are those areas where the winds are very much stronger and are more constant, for example, areas like offshore and high altitude sites, sites like these are always recommended for the for the installation and functionality of the wind turbines. Globally, the potential of the energy generated from the wind turbines technically in a long term plans is believed to be forty-five times current demand of the electricity. To achieve this goal and target wind turbines are to be installed on commercial and over large areas, specifically in the areas where the wind flow is higher and larger wind resources

What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is the type of the energy obtained from water which can be harnessed and used. Considering the fact that water is almost as denser than air as almost eight hundred times, so even a very slow moving stream of water or a moderate sea swell can obtain and yield the very large and considerable amounts of energy from the water. There are many forms of the energy of the energy in water which are described as follows

  • Hydroelectric energy is a term which is usually reserved for a massive and large-scale hydroelectric dams, for example, major dams in the countries
  • Hydro systems which are micro that are hydroelectric power installations that typically produce up to seventy to hundred kilowatts of energy and power. They are often used in water resourceful areas such as remote areas where power could be supplied
  • Hydroelectricity systems obtain and acquire kinetic energy from the rivers and oceans to run the turbine without the creation of the large reservoir. These hydroelectricity systems are normally installed on the run of the rivers.
  • The energy obtained from tides is called tidal power or tidal energy. It is the form of the energy which transforms the energy of the tides into some useful and beneficial forms of power primarily electricity, it is the form of the hydropower, although this type of energy is not widely utilised over the years gone by. Tidal power has even the potential to meet the escalating demands of the future. As in future, the electricity demands would boost up, so electric generation should also be enhanced to meet those demands. Tidal energy could be proved the best source for this. Moreover, tides are more predictable in terms of energy as compared to wind energy and solar power.

Key Differences between Wind Power and Hydropower

  1. Hydropower is the largest source of the renewable energy around the globe but wind energy has its limitations
  2. More than 160 countries around the world are dependent on the hydropower whereas power generation from the wind is restricted to windy areas and countries
  3. Wind powers have the low maintenance as compared to hydropower.
  4. Hydropower has the lowest cost per watt hour.

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