Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue

Blue is one color that is the favorite color of a million people all over the world because it represents both the features of the sea and the sky at the same time. Blue is a very cool and natural color. There are different shades of blue color are available all over the place, but here we discuss two shades of blue color that are very common Royal blue and Navy blue.

Royal Blue is a very rich shade of blue color by nature and it represents some specific decisive factors such as trust, loyalty and superiority. Royal blue color is a bright shade which is well equipped with brightness and high intensity. Royal blue color is used lots of time in the cloths like party wears and the bridal wear.

Navy blue color, on the other side, is quite opposite to that of the royal blue color because the navy blue is a very dark shade of blue color which is almost like black shade but containing the blue shade. Navy blue color represents any navy of a nation. Navy blue color is a symbol of confidence, authority, unity and stability. The utilization of the Navy blue color can be seen in the collar uniform jobs such as the air force officers’ uniforms, navy officers and the official color of the pilots as the navy blue color is official by nature because it is employed by and large in the office furniture as well.

What is Royal Blue?

Royal blue color is basically a classic deep shade of blue color somehow it’s slightly related with purple or red color in addition. Just like the sky blue color, the royal blue is a quiet and calm shade of blue color. After using the royal blue color, in spite of a quiet and calm shade of blue color, a bright shade will be obtained by the users at the same time seeing that the royal blue color is well decorated with the features of the brightness and strength at one fell swoop.

Royal Blue

Royal blue color is also representing the characteristic of superiority. This is the Royal blue color which has both the shades of bright and the dark shade of sapphire blue color all at once. With the meaning of the royal blue color, you can easily guess its major utilization because it was associated with the royal families dressing.

In earlier days, the royal blue shade is also known as a Queen’s blue shade. British Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg held a competition to make a dress for her and Somerset, an association of which won the competition and make a dress for her containing the royal blue color. There is a different use of royal blue color in human culture, royal blue color is used in clothes, bridal wears, and also it’s a color of writing ink.

What is Navy Blue?

Navy Blue color is another shade of blue color which is a very dark shade of blue color. Navy blue color is a symbol of confidence, authority, unity and stability. Sometimes, people take navy blue color as black because it is a very dark shade of blue color and it looks like as same as the black color.

As the name implies, the Navy blue color is a color for the navy of a nation. Since 1748, the British Royal Navy officers wear uniforms (with white contrasted) and then adopted these navy blue uniforms. This trend then spread by and large and the other navies all over the world utilize this color and this is the major reason that it is known as the navy blue color.

Navy Blue

By nature, the Navy blue color has become an official color, that’s why the general public uses to wear navy blue color who works as a public servant in order to provide customer service behind the desk like bank, hotel, hospital and lots of other service providers.

Navy blue color used in white-collar uniforms jobs such as the navy officers and pilots, and exercise in the office furniture. In the homes, people like to make use of the navy blue color in the house-hold like bed sheets very frequently.

Key Differences between Royal Blue and Navy Blue

  1. Royal blue color is a bright shade of blue color while the navy blue is a dark shade of blue color.
  2. Navy blue color is mostly used as uniform in most institutes of the world. In contrast, the Royal blue use of wearing clothes like a party and bridal wear.
  3. The name of the navy blue color is derived from the open reality that it is used as a rule in the navies of several countries. Royal families used the royal blue generally in the past.

2 thoughts on “Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue”

  1. Royal blue and navy blue are similar in hue.
    navy blue is very dark whereas royal blue is a few steps lighter.

  2. To help remember the difference: think that _n_avy blue is closer to the _n_ight sky (and maybe that _r_oyal blue is closer to _r_ed). Picturing a U.S. Navy uniform (“dress blues”) also makes it clear that that one is navy blue.

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