Packing vs. Packaging

It is very easy to say that these two words are confusing because they both start the same way with the root word being pack and they both are used in the same context. Packing and packaging are a big part of the shipping world but also find their way into the domestic environment.
The difference between packing and packaging is that the packing provides the protective wrapping of goods to transport but do not display the products. Packaging used for the protection of goods but also display it for the retail market. Another difference is that the packing contains the idioms. Packaging not the part of an idiomatic phrase. Packing and packaging are both materials used to pack with, but their functions differ in some circumstances.

Comparison Chart

Basis  Packing         Packaging
Definition The packing is putting items together for their protection to transport but not for display of products. The packaging is also used for the protection of good but also in the display of the product for retail.
Objective The main objective of packing is to safe the product. The objective o packaging is to identify the brand and attract customers.
Use  The packing is used in medical field to pack a wound and also include printing works to pack printers. The packaging is used to protect the goods but also use in marketing and labelling at the same time.
Idioms Packing used in English idioms such as to send someone packing. Packaging is not part of any idiomatic phrase.
Part Packing is the secondary part of packing items for shipping. Packaging is the first part of preparing good to be shipped.

Definition of Packing

Packing can be several things. It is the material used to pack and protect goods in a container, especially in the shipping world. Packing is the activity carried out by a person or machinery to pack items for delivery.  A person can also pack clothes and other goods for a holiday or moving to a new house.

Packing vs. Packaging

Packing is used in medical situations when haemorrhaging can be stopped by packing the wound with gauze or other surgical materials. It is the activity of packaging or preparing a product to be delivered, stored or sold. Packing boxes and packing trays and pallets are also used. It refers to the process of packing certain products like vegetables, fruits and meat ready for future sales in the food industry. So, packing it can be anything for safe the good and it takes place to protect goods with packing or cushioning for protection.

Definition of Packaging

The packaging is not quite the same as packing but the two do go hand in hand sometimes. It can be used to protect products as they are being transported. The packaging will take place before packing the items into containers for shipping. Goods that are in eye-catching packaging often sell better than the goods that are not in beautiful packaging.

Packing vs. Packaging

There are various products that are used for this kind of protective packagings like bubble wrap, corrugated card, shredded paper and foam cushioning. The packaging is also the process of preparing goods to be wrapped ready for shipping or other forms of transportation. It is a specialised industry involving the protection of goods and advertising of their value through clever marketing tools. Packaging will take place in the factory before delivery to the shipping container for the packing process.

Function of Packaging

The function of packaging is to contain the goods protect or preserve them and ultimately to present them for the retail market and gain the customer attraction. the another function of packaging that it is used to present goods in an appealing way to attract customers.

Key Differences between Packing and Packaging

  1. Packing is the preparation of product for storage or transport. On the other hand, the packaging is the preparation of product for storage, transport and sale.
  2. Packaging includes labelling, Marketing and sales promotion. While packing includes wrapping and storing the product protectively.
  3. Packing is done to save the product. Conversely, packaging s done to save the product and also to attract customer.
  4. Packing is used in the medical field to pack the wound. On the other hand, the packaging is used to sales promotion of the product.
  5. Packing is the secondary part of packing items for shipping. As against it, the packaging is the first part of preparing goo to be shipped.


Both packing and packaging are important to logistics management. However, it probably would be right to assume that the packaging would involve the labelling, the logo and the wrapping.  The packing process may just be the act of getting the packets and setting them out in the designated area ready to be purchased.  The consumer will look at the packaging to assist the decision to purchase.  Packaging, in this case, ensures freshness of the product and packing sets the product out neatly for purchasing. So, the good packing is to ensure product safety and the greater the packaging is the greater business earnings.

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  1. In a pharmaceutical company, where blisters are packed into inner cartons, after which certain no. of inner cartons are shrink wrapped and placed in an outer carton, do we call these processes Packing or Packaging?
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