Central Government vs. Local Government

Explanation between Central and Local Government

The system of government can vary in all countries, but the basic purpose of all have same, to adopt an efficient administration system. Here comes the need of a central government system and local government system. What kind of administration system is used by the country is depends upon the constitution or law of the country that gives authorities regarding centralization and decentralization.

What is Central Government?

The Central government is a form of a federal government that have distinct powers regarding decisions making and delegating the authorities to members of the states. The structure of central government varies in all countries. In some countries the central government shares the powers and authorities at the sub-national level or regional or local level and in some countries the whole country is run by the central government.  In countries where authorities are given to the sub-national government, the matters relating to national security, international affairs and diplomacy and economic decisions are decided by the central government.

What is Local Government?

In fact, local government is not a government system. It is merely public administration system that exists at the lowest level of the state or country. Local government or local bodies act according to the legislation or directions of the higher level of government or central government. Different countries have a different form of local government such as district, city, township and village council. The local government system is the best administration system as it relieves the pressure from the central or sub-national government in completing the task, relating to development or welfare of the society.

Key Differences between Central Government and Local Government

  1. The Central government is the official face of a country or state while local government is the lowest tire in the administration system.
  2. The Central government is the name of complete government while local government is, in fact, the name of public administration system.
  3. Central government makes the policies for all departments, institutes or provinces of the country and local government is bound to follow the legislations and decisions made by the higher level of government or central government.
  4. Local government works as a helping tool for the central government and make it possible for the central government to worked efficiently at lower or local level.
  5. Matters relating to national security, international affairs and diplomacy and economic decisions are decided by the central government while local government is assigned to look after its specific town, district or division.
  6. The Central government is the policy maker while local government carry on the policy and ensure its implementation.

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