2 Pole Motors vs. 4 Pole Motors

As the motors use electrical energy and convert into mechanical energy.2 Pole And 4 pole motors differ in theirs. For 2 pole electrical angle is equal to mechanical angle whereas in 4 poles electrical angle is twice to that of mechanical angle.

A number of poles are inversely proportional to speed, so whenever speed is increased poles are decreased and the increase in poles makes speed decreased. Similar fashion can be seen 2 pole motor and four-pole motor. Poles would be the range of sets of three-way electromagnetic windings that a motor possesses. In the simplest three-phase motor, you will discover Three independent electromagnets created by way of the single set of three-way windings. Therefore, there exists a set of North-South electromagnetic poles formed. This kind of motor is claimed to possess “2 poles”

What is 2 Pole Motor?

An electric motor happens to be an electrically powered machine that changes electrical power directly into mechanical energy. In typical motoring function, the majority of electric powered motors run with the connection in between an electrically powered motor’s magnetic field and also winding currents to create power inside the motor. Two pole motor possesses two electromagnets which are on the north and south.

Pole Motor

What is 4 Pole motor?

Huge electric motors (generally rated more than 7 MW) are obtainable in both 4-pole and 2-pole models. 4-pole synchronous electric motors and generators possess strong rotors with prominent poles whilst 4-pole induction motors and also generators possess squirrel cage rotors. I. 4-pole motors and generators are lighter and smaller as compared to their particular 2-pole counterparts, which could become a key point of programs exactly where the area is restricted, like the marine field.

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Key Differences between 2 Pole Motors and 4 Pole Motors

  1. Two pole motor has two electromagnets, 1 north, 1 south. whereas in the Four poles has four electromagnets, 2 north, 2 south
  2. two poles have north-south configuration whereas Four pole motors have a north-south-north-south configuration.
  3. 2 pole motor is better in efficiency than the four-pole motor
  4. 2 pole motor is a better RPM motor than a 4 pole motor
  5. For heavier power 4 poles is best as compared to 2 pole
  6. For high speeds, 2 pole motor is better than four-pole motor
  7. In four-pole motor gearbox often required but in 2 pole motor gearbox is always needed below 3000 rpm
  8. 2 pole motor has higher NPSHR as compared to 4 pole motor.
  9. 2 pole motors are cylindrical whereas 4 pole motors aren’t
  10. In 2 pole motor design access to cooling air is less whereas in 4 pole motor symmetrical cooling with proper control of hotspots due to its design.
  11. 2 pole motor has better noise performances as compared to 4 pole motor.

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