When Is May Long Weekend 2023

May long weekend is one of the most celebrated and long-awaited holidays in Canada, and it is marked annually on the third Monday of May. This year, the May Long Weekend will fall on May 22nd, 2023. Whether you choose to take that three-day weekend to relax at home, travel to a nearby destination, or spend time with family and friends, May long weekend is an excellent time to do so. This article will cover all the essential details you need to know about the May Long Weekend, including its history, significance, and some popular activities to engage in during the holiday.

History and Significance of May Long Weekend

The May long weekend is also known as Victoria Day weekend in Canada in honor of Queen Victoria, who was the reigning monarch of the British Empire back in 1845. Her birthday on May 24th was proclaimed as a national holiday in Canada in 1901, one year after her death, to mark her contributions to the British Commonwealth.

Over the years, the holiday has evolved and is no longer just a celebration of Queen Victoria’s life but also marks the start of the summer season. Canadians utilize this weekend to take a break from their everyday routine and engage in various activities. It is a prime time for road trips, camping, outdoor activities, and family vacations. With the extra day off work, individuals can indulge in more leisure activities and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Popular May Long Weekend Activities

The May long weekend presents an opportunity for Canadians to explore their country and discover new places. Here are some popular activities people engage in during the holiday:

1. Camping: May Long Weekend is the unofficial kickoff for camping season in Canada. With warmer weather and longer days, it’s the perfect time to pitch your tent and enjoy the great outdoors. Many people spend the weekend camping with friends and family at one of Canada’s many parks.

2. Road Trips: The long weekend is a great time to hit the open road and explore some of Canada’s scenic routes. Whether it’s driving along the coast, through the mountains or the prairies, road trips are a fun way to discover new places.

3. Barbecue: May Long Weekend kicks off barbecue season in Canada. Gathering around the grill with family and friends is a great way to start the summer season. Canadians love to cook and eat outdoors with freshly grilled food.

4. Fireworks: Fireworks are a big part of May Long Weekend in Canada. Many towns and cities across the country organize firework displays or festivals to celebrate the holiday.

5. Festivals: From music to food, May Long Weekend is an excellent time to participate in one of the many festivals taking place across the country. With the warm weather, many cities host various events during the weekend, which offer an opportunity for individuals to connect and socialize while exploring different cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is May long weekend a national holiday in Canada?

Yes, the May long weekend is a nationally recognized holiday in Canada. It is observed on the third Monday of May.

2. What is the significance of May long weekend in Canada?

May long weekend has evolved over the years, and it is no longer just a celebration of Queen Victoria but also serves as an unofficial start to the summer season. Many Canadians utilize the long weekend to engage in outdoor activities, family vacations or staycations, barbecuing, or attending local events.

3. What is the weather typically like during May long weekend?

The weather during May Long Weekend can be unpredictable in Canada. While it is an unofficial kickoff to summer, it is advised to pack clothing appropriate for cold weather, as it can still be chilly during this period.

4. Should I book campsites or hotels in advance for the May Long Weekend?

It is advisable to book campsites, hotels or motels, and other accommodations in advance, as the May long weekend is a busy travel period in Canada, and availability may be limited.


The May long weekend is an excellent opportunity for Canadians to engage in various activities with friends and family. From road trips to barbecuing, camping or attending a festival, there is no shortage of options for individuals to choose from to make the most of the long weekend. Many cities across the country also host various events and activities, including fireworks displays, concerts, and other festivals’ making the holiday an excellent opportunity for socializing, networking, and connecting with people from different cultures. With the May Long Weekend set to occur on May 22nd, 2023, Canadians can now start making plans to have a memorable and enjoyable holiday.