Vegetarian vs. Non-Vegetarian

The Difference between Vegetarian and non-vegetarian is that vegetarian only have vegetables for eating and non-vegetarian have vegetables as well as an animal product like meat and egg. Our world is basically divided into two eaters one who only eats vegetables that are known as vegetarians and one who eats anything which also includes an animal product like egg and meat.

Proper nutrition is really important for every human being. Vegetarians only have vegetables and grains for their meals and on the other non-vegetarians have all the animal meat made products and eggs with vegetables and grains. The difference between Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian is that they have a totally different diet plan.

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Basis Vegetarian Non-Vegetarian
Definition Vegetarian is a person who only eats vegetables and grains. Non-Vegetarian is a person who not only eats vegetables and grains but also eats meat and eggs.
Fibers Vegetarian consumes more fiber than non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian consumes less fiber than vegetarian.
Proteins Vegetarian consumes fewer proteins than a non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian consumes more proteins than a vegetarian.
Cost of food Vegetarian food is less expensive than non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian food is much expensive than vegetarian food.
Availability Vegetarian food is less available than non-vegetarian food because of the seasonal vegetable span. Non- vegetarian food is easily available every time.

What is a Vegetarian?

Vegetarian is a person who only eats vegetables and grains; they are not meat eaters. A vegetarian diet has a plan based diet for example fruits, vegetables etc. There are types of vegetarians

  • Lacto -Ovo Vegetarians
  • Lacto Vegetarians
  • Ovo-Vegetarians
  • Vegan-Vegetarians

Lacto-ovo vegetarians: do not consume meat, poultry and seafood, but eat both eggs and dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.

Lacto-vegetarians: consume dairy foods but do not consume meat, poultry, seafood and eggs.

Ovo-vegetarians: consumes eggs but avoid all dairy foods, meat, poultry and seafood.

Vegan vegetarians: avoids meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products and foods that contain these products.

What is Non-Vegetarian?

Non-Vegetarian is a person who not only eats vegetables and grains but also has animal products like meat and eggs. Non-vegetarian diet includes meat, fish and seafood. Non-vegetarians normally eat all types of animal-based products. However, pescatarian dieters eat fish and other seafood but avoid poultry and red meat.

Key Differences

Here are the key differences between vegetarians and non-vegetarians

  1. Vegetarian does not eat any animal product like meat and eggs they just have vegetables and eggs. Whereas Non-vegetarians eats all type of food including vegetables and meat.
  2. Protein intake is more in vegetarian and less in non-vegetarian.
  3. Fiber intake is more in non-vegetarian and less in vegetarian.
  4. Their diet plans are totally different
  5. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian both can remain healthy if we take care of their health.


The differences between Non-vegetarian and vegetarian are clearly stated above. It is not necessary that if you are vegetarian, you are healthy and if you are non-vegetarian, you are not healthy. You need to plan your diet and have a proper diet plan.

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