The Atlantic Vs The New Yorker

In the world of high-quality journalism, there are two names that often come up in discussions of the best magazines in circulation: The Atlantic and The New Yorker. Both of these magazines have long histories of publishing groundbreaking content on a wide range of topics, and both have been praised for their insightful commentary, rigorous reporting, and beautiful design. But how do these two magazines compare to each other, and which one is truly the better option for readers? Here, we’ll take a closer look at The Atlantic vs. The New Yorker to help you decide which one is right for you.

First, let’s start with The Atlantic. Founded in 1857, it is one of the oldest continuously published magazines in the United States. With a focus on politics, culture, and social issues, The Atlantic is widely seen as one of the most respected publications of its kind. It has won numerous journalism awards in recent years, and its contributors include some of the most well-known writers and thinkers of our time. Their content is often marked by ambitious long-form journalism, thought-provoking essays, and in-depth reporting.

On the other hand, The New Yorker was founded in 1925 and is known for its groundbreaking reporting, sharp criticism, and iconic cartoons. It has a reputation for publishing some of the best writers of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Truman Capote, Joan Didion, and J.D. Salinger. The magazine covers a broad range of topics, including politics, culture, lifestyle, and humor.

So, which magazine is better? The answer, of course, depends on your interests and reading preferences. Here are some key factors to consider:

Content & Writing Style

Both The Atlantic and The New Yorker are known for publishing high-quality writing, but they differ in their style and content focus. The Atlantic is more focused on politics, culture, and social issues, and its articles often take a more investigative approach. In contrast, The New Yorker covers a broader range of topics and is known for publishing in-depth profiles of artists, writers, and public figures. Its articles often take a more narrative, literary approach.

Design & Layout

Both magazines have a reputation for beautiful design, but they differ in their aesthetic style. The Atlantic has a more modern, minimalistic design, with bold fonts, clean lines, and striking images. In contrast, The New Yorker is known for its distinctive, humorous cartoons and its classic, elegant design.

Frequency & Length

The Atlantic publishes ten issues per year, while The New Yorker publishes weekly. The length of the articles also differs: The Atlantic’s articles are generally longer, with many running over 5,000 words, while The New Yorker’s articles are shorter, typically between 2,000 to 4,000 words.

Price & Subscription Options

Both magazines are available in print and digital formats, and both offer individual subscriptions and gift subscriptions. The Atlantic’s print subscription costs $29.99 per year, while a digital subscription costs $19.99 per year. The New Yorker’s print subscription costs $119.99 per year, and a digital subscription costs $89.99 per year.

Pros and Cons of The Atlantic


– The Atlantic’s content is often thought-provoking, with deep dives into complex issues.
– The magazine is known for its investigative reporting and long-form journalism.
– Its design is modern and striking, with beautiful photography and artwork.


– The Atlantic can be dense at times, with heavy subjects and academic language.
– The magazine’s focus on politics and social issues may not appeal to all readers.

Pros and Cons of The New Yorker


– The New Yorker’s content is diverse and always interesting, with a wide range of topics and perspectives.
– The magazine’s literary writing style is beautiful and engaging.
– Its iconic cartoons are a beloved feature.


– The New Yorker may be too long and dense for some readers.
– The magazine can be expensive, especially for a print subscription.


Q: Which magazine is more prestigious?

A: Both magazines are highly respected and have won numerous journalism awards over the years. In terms of reputation, it’s fair to say that The New Yorker has a slight advantage, given its long history and reputation for publishing some of the most well-known writers of our time.

Q: Which magazine is better for news?

A: Neither magazine is focused solely on news coverage, but The Atlantic tends to have a more news-oriented approach, with a focus on politics and current events. The New Yorker’s coverage is more diverse and may not be as focused on breaking news.

Q: Which magazine is better for cultural coverage?

A: Both magazines have excellent cultural coverage, but The New Yorker’s approach is more diverse and includes more coverage of the arts, literature, and entertainment.

Q: Which magazine has better writers?

A: Both magazines feature some of the best writers of our time, and it’s hard to say which one has better writers overall. However, readers who enjoy a more narrative, literary style of writing may prefer The New Yorker, while those who appreciate investigative reporting and long-form journalism may prefer The Atlantic.

In conclusion, The Atlantic and The New Yorker are two of the most respected and highly-regarded magazines in the world of journalism. While they differ in their content focus, writing style, and design, both offer high-quality, thought-provoking articles that are sure to engage and inspire readers. Ultimately, the choice between these two great magazines will depend on your interests, reading preferences, and budget.