Safe Mode vs. Normal Mode

Do you ever notice, whenever you installed any Windows Operating System than after a considerable time a black screen with 6 to 11 multiple options appeared in front of you? Like options of safe mode, normal mode, safe mode with networking, etc. A lot of options means surely there will be some difference between all of them also. In this article, we will discuss two options, which are safe mode and normal mode.

Safe Mode

Many operating systems like MAC and Windows facilitate the users with a diagnostic system like safe mode. The basic purpose of this diagnostic system is to provide the users with limited and default options and configurations. Now the question arises, why operating system gives this option? The answer is that whenever there arise some problems in your system you can easily handle the specific problem individually without disturbing the other software and hardware. You can say this feature as a troubleshooter of your software and hardware problems. The limitation is that after running your system in safe mode limited operation and function will be available like graphics card and a sound card will not be loaded and in some cases often network drives are restricted to do work.

Normal Mode

As the word normal shows in normal mode that it is the default and normal path for working of the computer. The whole system in this mode worked simultaneously with the same frequency, designated phase, and instructions. The purpose of this platform is to create a system for hardware devices and software to work according to the instructions of the operating system. Whenever you start to work on the computer in normal mode, all the drivers, software, and programs attached with hardware configuration and specification start to work by the operating system. That’s why all drivers including graphics, sound, and network are available, which are restricted by the operating system in normal mode.

Key Differences

  1. The first difference between the two is their purposes. Normal mode is in fact the default working mode of a system operating system while safe mode is a diagnostic mode, which is used to detect, repair or troubleshoot issues of a computer.
  2. Another difference is the availability of options and choices. In normal mode, all drivers are loaded by the operating system by default. There is no restriction of the graphics driver, sound driver, network, or server drivers. Safe mode refuses to load some drivers. Mostly graphics drivers, sound drivers, and network drivers are not available in safe mode.
  3. Safe mode is the best way to troubleshoot any problem because at the start it automatically closes all unnecessary programs, which are normally run by a computer in normal mode. By this detection and removal of any bugs or error become more easy and simple.
  4. Sometimes antivirus and malware protection software missed the malicious files and errors in normal mode. While the safe mode is the best option to detect any hidden virus even Trojan.

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