Pixie vs. Fairy

Pixie has its definition as a supernatural being that mostly has pointed ears and wears a pointy hat, along with having a short stature and humanlike formation. On the other hand, a fairy becomes the creature with a small body that looks like human and has magical powers that mostly do good for people and usually are female characters.

Comparison Chart

Basis of Distinction Pixie Fairy
Definition A fictional being mostly used to scare kids. A fictional creature that people, esp kids like to fantasize.
Characteristic They have a negative role in the movie or literature and may change to a good mostly acts as a negative. A character that shows people the right path and therefore has an important role until the end.
Origin Late in the 18th century. Early in the 16th century.
Location Live in hidden lands on earth. Do not live on our planet.

What is Pixie?

It has become famous in stories for kids since they do not have any relevance with reality and only exists in such folklore and children books. They have a strange nature, although with good looks they possess evil characteristics. They are shy, but have a scary hidden feature which is used to scare kids. They are typically portrayed with pointed ears, and frequently wearing a green outfit and pointed cap albeit customary stories depict them wearing filthy worn out packs of clothes which they cheerfully dispose of for endowments of new garments. They are frequently portrayed as not well dressed or naked. Some fairies are said to take youngsters or to lead explorers adrift. Mostly they have a negative character that may change at the end of the tale or suffer the worst for straying people from the right path. They became common in the late 18th century and have now connected with famous movie and book characters.

What is Fairy?

Just like other mythical creatures, they do not have any resemblance to reality, but some people say they have seen fairies especially in mountain regions though no proof of that exists. The fact of their false existence becomes common from the word fairytale that means something that does not exist in real but only as a story for kids or folktales. People living in areas that have such stories common, tell tales of fairies but no one knows where they came from and every account has a different description of them. The first origins are found in the mid-seventeenth century, as stories for people who visited the costly salons in France. They still have many mentions in literature and mostly portray something good and therefore have the backing of families to show them more on screen. Most of them are pretty looking and all the stories have some good lesson for kids to learn and therefore they become affectionate towards the character and become some sort of hero.

Key Differences

  1. Pixie mostly belongs to the characters that have a negative role in the movie or literature and may change to a good one later. On the other hand, fairy mostly acts as a positive character that shows people the right path and therefore has an important role until the end.
  2. Fairy mostly are women characters whereas a pixie may become male or female depending on the requirement.
  3. The mention of pixies mostly becomes common in movies, folklores and fantasy whereas the mention of fairies becomes common in fairytales and folktales.
  4. The term pixie became prominent later in the 18th century and was intended to portray a funny negative character, whereas the term fairy became common later in the 16th century with the intention of giving a good lesson to elders.
  5. Fairies mostly live in moon or clouds that do not have any relation to land, whereas pixies mostly live in underground or hidden worlds that people cannot see.

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