Pedicure vs. Manicure

Pedicure and manicure is a treatment of hands and feet with beautification. Manicure treatment performed at home with cosmetic beauty for your hand nails or in a beauty salon. Same as a pedicure is a treatment of feet nails. This is the process of cleaning your hand and feet nails and for the relaxation. Some manicure and pedicure are applying painting, labels and artificial jewels.

In the process of manicure and pedicure both work for the same purpose for the cleaning of hands and feet. But apply on different things, pedicure for feet or legs and manicure for hands. Manicure is a method for improving the beauty of hands and feet nails. In this process before applying nail polish firstly shapes the nails both feet and hands. In manicure method firstly do hand massage and shaping of the nails with a nail file. And the same as in the pedicure process massage your feet and leg and then shape the nails and applying cuticle treatment. As we can say, a pedicure is for your feet and manicure for your hand, trim and shape the nails.

Comparison Chart

Basis Manicure Pedicure
description Manicure is simply the treatment of hands and nails with cosmetics. For their beauty. A pedicure is a treatment of feet and toenails.
Method For the manicure process cut the nails and shape, soak hands, massage, remove old nail paint, applying new nail paint. In the pedicure process firstly soak feet, shape nails, remove dirt, remove old nail paint, scrub the feet, applying new nail paint, and moisturise feet.
Categories There are many categories of manicure like a French manicure, American manicure, gel manicure, acrylic manicure. Pedicure categories are a mini pedicure, gel pedicure, fish pedicure, waterless pedicure, regular pedicure, chocolate pedicure, French pedicure and a lot.
Accessible Mostly accessible in beauty parlours. Mostly accessible in the message centre, spa and beauty parlours.
Purpose This is care of hands This is care of feet and legs

What is pedicure?

A pedicure is a process of feet cleaning. A pedicure is just not for the beauty, but it is a treatment of medical uses, Like nails problems. In pedicure method sock your feet, and apply massage, shape your nails. And adding a nail paint, remove old nail paint and applying a new one. And use different scrubs for eliminating dust on your feet. And then moisturise your feet. And mostly this process contain for relaxation purpose. After doing this, you can feel your feet looks beautiful.  There are many types of pedicure.

  • French pedicure
  • Regular pedicure
  • Mini pedicure
  • Water less pedicure
  • Chocolate pedicure
  • Gel pedicure
  • Fish pedicure


 What is manicure?

Manicure is a procedure of hands beauty.  This is the cosmetic procedure for hands and nails. Manicure is improving the health of your hands. In manicure, method shapes the fingers nails, remove old nail paint, soften your hands, shape nails with a nail file, cuticle treatment,  applying many creams, or sometimes may applying artificial nails, and new nail paint. After a manicure, you feel good, and hand look beautiful and shine. There are many types of manicure,

  • American Manicure
  • French manicure
  • Acrylic manicure
  • Gel manicure
  • Short nails manicure


Key Differences between Pedicure and Manicure

  1. Manicure and pedicure is a different procedure of different body parts.
  2. Manicure us for hand, and pedicure is for feet beauty and health.
  3. Manicure and pedicure different types, manicure known as mini manicure, short nails, French manicure, English manicure. And pedicure same as French pedicure, chocolate pedicure, regular pedicure, fish pedicure, waterless pedicure, spa pedicure, stone pedicure.
  4. Manicure pedicure is famous in females. For their beauty of hands and feet.
  5. Manicure procedure is applying different creams and moisturisers, same as for pedicure use some scrubs and moisturisers. For soften and cleaning hand and feet.
  6. Manicure and pedicure are mostly processed for the nails beauty and their growth.


Manicure and pedicure is the procedure of hand and feet beauty. And this is available in the spa and different beauty salons. There are many kinds of manicure and pedicure. This is also for relaxation and nails growth. It’s famous for females to enhancing their feet and nails beauty. And you can also use this procedure at home.

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