Panther vs. Jaguar

Panthers and Jaguars are members of the same “large cat family.” They’re simply beautiful wild. Both Panther and the Jaguar have tiny spots on their coats; however, the Panther’s is considerably thicker than the Jaguars. The Jaguar has a slender form and a long tail, whereas the Panther has a bulkier shape and a shorter tail. In length, the Panther is longer, and, Jaguar wins in height.

Comparison Chart

The chart below will clearly show you how panthers and jaguars are different from each other:

DescriptionIt is a genus name for the Felidae family.                                    It belongs to the Felidae family.
LocationAmerica, Asia, AfricaSouth and Central America.
Maximum WeightWeigh up to 330kgs.                             Weighing up to 100kgs.
Life Expectancy:Ranges from 12 to 17 years.12 to 15 years of age.
Color:Range from dark brown to black shades.Range from tan yellow to reddish-brown stains.
Swimming:Not all panthers are the best swimmers.Good swimmers to prey for food like fish etc.
Roar:Not all panthers roar.The most roaring big wild cat
Behavior:Very intelligent.Aggressive and territorial.
Areas:Rainforests, woodlands, grasslands      forests, rainforests, wetlands, grasslands
Length:7-8 feet tall.   5-6 feet tall.
Tail Length:23 to 43 inches18 to 30 inches
Body shape:Slender, muscular body.Broad forehead, stocky body, and limbs
Kill Method:Bite to the throat or the back of the neckBite to the head, crushing the skull

What is Panther?

Panthers are members of the Felidae family and the Panthera genus and belong to the large cat species. Their eyes are emerald green and can glow in the dark. They have been considered a symbol of power and health since ancient times.

It has a short coat of tan, brownish-gray, or black fur with dark spots and lines across its body. The black color allows them to blend in with the darkness of night, making them an excellent predator. However, in North America, there is one with a white body. It can reach a length of 7-9 feet from head to tail and weigh up to 240 pounds.

The Panther has a thicker coat than the Jaguar, which helps in keeping them warm in colder regions. America, Asia, and Africa are all home to these large wild cats.

Panthers have unique characteristics that set them besides other cats. These are more attractive and powerful. They are clever and faster animals. They spent most of their time high in the trees throughout the day.

Panthers are carnivores that devour rabbits, birds, lizards, deer, fish, etc. Keep in mind that even after two years, female panthers leave their offspring.

What is Jaguar?

Panthera onca is the scientific name for the jaguar. They found in Mexico to Argentina’s northern end. They are a big cat that includes a variety of colors, including black, brown, yellow, and white, and thus is 6-8 feet long from head to tail and weighs 125-210 pounds.

They have less fur and marks all across their bodies than Panther. The long and narrow tail of this wild cat helps keep balance during climbing. It is a big cat species native to North America and, they are larger, faster, and more potent than other panthers.

Jaguars are carnivores that eat a variety of prey, including fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Another attribute of jaguars is that they can swim to catch fish and turtles. They also eat deer, capybaras, tapirs, and other animals.

Jaguars, like their Panthera genus and, females give birth to blind pups that need two weeks to come to their senses. After two to three years, the cubs separated from their mothers.

Key Differences between Panther and Jaguar

  1. Panther relates to every large cat belonging to the genus Panther, whereas, Jaguar is a member of genus Panther.
  2. Jaguars are found in Central and South American species while panthers are in three continents such as America, Africa, and Asia.
  3. Panthers may be found practically anywhere on the planet, but Jaguars are more seen in the rainforest.
  4. Panthers can reach up to 330 kilograms, although most jaguars weigh less than 100 kilograms.
  5. Jaguars vary from Panthers in look and color since they have dots and thus are white and black.
  6. Although the Panther is not a species, the Jaguar is.
  7. The Panthers are 7-8 feet long, while the Jaguars are 5-6 feet long.
  8. Panthers come in kind of hues and shapes and, Jaguars have black patches and are yellow to reddish-brown in appearance.
  9. Panthers live for 12 to 17 years on average and, Jaguars live for from 12 to 15 years.
  10. Jaguars prefer deep forests; however, they can also be in other environments such as meadows and lakes, and panthers, in general, reside in shady areas, such as a forest.
  11. As all panthers not roared, on the other hand, Jaguar is the most roaring big wild cat.
  12. Jaguar is also known for being a fitness icon. They have paws and nails that really can rip anything apart.
  13. Jaguars are the quickest runners in speed, they are carnivores, and meat and fish are their favorite foods.
  14. Panthers have razor-sharp claws and powerful paws, which they employ to hunt.


In conclusion, the big wild cat family includes both the panther and the Jaguar as the fundamental distinction between both. Panther is that the one is a member of the big cat family, while the jaguar is not. Panther is a genus that includes all large cats and, also leopard, tiger, cheetah, and other cat families belong to the Panthera genus.

The fur color is the most evident distinction between black panthers and jaguars. It is one of the most dangerous species, capable of cracking a turtle’s skull or shell. Jaguars have also been an endangered or critically endangered species.

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