Panther vs. Jaguar

The jaguar and panther are related to the similar animal group generally known as the big cats. When you check their specific physical attributes in detail, you will come to identify that the sizes of these creatures have slight differences from which their reorganization will become a piece of cake for you. The weight of the Jaguars is around 124-211 lbs or 56- to 96 kilos in most of the situations. If you find the big cats having the weight around 100-250 pounds then they may be panthers. In the case of lengths, the difference can be found as well. The range of the length that you find in the case of the jaguars would be around 5 to 6 feet tall. The panthers, on the other hand, have more length as compared to the jaguars. They mostly are 7 to 8 feet. The scientifically name of the jaguar is Panthera. The major locations of the jaguars are America and the country of Argentine and their major living regions are the Texas and New Mexico. One of the major types of leopards is the panthers which have been produced after the mutation in the chromosomes of the bigger cat. The main regions of the world in which you can find them easily are the Asian countries including the India, Pakistan, and Nepal but some of their species are present in the North America as well.

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Panther vs. Jaguar

Contents: Difference between Panther and Jaguar

What is Panther?

Among all the carnivores available in the world, the Panthers are an interesting group of animals because any of the big cats can be called panther no matter if it is a jaguar, a leopard, a puma or any other. In most of the cases, the color of the Panthers is black. The panthers got this kind of color only due to transferable mutation in their chromosomes and this is the main cause that any colored mutated big cat is called a panther. The panthers are different big cat animals just according to the area in which they live. The puma panther can be found in most of the North America, while the jaguars are the panthers present in South America but the leopard are the panthers that can be discovered in all other places. As a consequence, a panther may be a jaguar but it is not a sure thing that a jaguar must be a panther as well because it may be a puma. Mostly, the color of the panthers is white but the presence of the white panthers can also be seen which are called the albino panthers. The resultant of the albinism, or reduced pigmentation, or chinchilla mutation that is a genetically caused event that erases striping and color spots is the reason of the white panther. The skin of the panthers is specific in nature which doesn’t show visible spots but a uniformly distributed color that is mostly black is present in them. You can clearly observe the faded spots in the skins of the Black Panther if you get the chance to observe them very closely. The extra large canines and the padded paws with the long nails are the major features of the panthers.

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What is Jaguar?

In order to identify the creatures of the jaguars among all the others, you need to check their weights because they usually have the weight of 124-211 lbs or 56- to 96 kilos. When you see their lengths, you will come to know that the jaguars which have the length of 5 to 6 feet tall by and large. In science, the jaguars are given the name of the Panthera. The color of the Jaguars is yellowish and golden in most of the situations. On the skin of the jaguars, you will disclose the dark black colored spots which are present on their fur that is of golden color. Just because of this color combination which let them disappear in the wilderness for the prime goal of hunting.

Key Differences between Panther and Jaguar

  1. In sizes, the panther is a large animal then that of a jaguar.
  2. The weights of the jaguars are less as compared to the weights of the panthers.
  3. A panther may be a jaguar but it is not possible for a jaguar to be a panther.
  4. In most of the cases, the color of the jaguar is yellowish or golden. The panthers, on the other side, are mostly black but in rare cases, the white colored panthers can be found as well.
  5. The number of species for the panthers is larger while comparing them with the jaguars.
  6. The variety of the environments in which the panthers can be located is more as compared to the jaguars.
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