Nct Dream Fan Name

NCT Dream Fan Name: Everything You Need to Know

Creating a fandom name for a K-pop group is not an easy task. It requires creativity, uniqueness, and a name that resonates with the fans. So, when NCT Dream, a sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s global boy group NCT, announced their fandom name, it caught the attention of fans worldwide. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about NCT Dream’s fan name, including its meaning, origin, and how fans have embraced it.

What is NCT Dream Fan Name?

In 2018, NCT Dream announced their official fandom name as “NCTzens.” The name is a combination of “NCT” and “citizens,” and it represents the bond between the group and their fans. The name also implies that fans are not just fans but an integral part of the NCT family.

The name “NCTzens” also has a symbolic meaning. NCT, which stands for Neo Culture Technology, is a South Korean boy group with a unique concept. The group has no fixed members and follows a rotational system, where members graduate or debut in different units. Thus, the name NCTzens represents the fans’ role as the constant support and foundation for the ever-evolving NCT culture.

The Origin Story

The journey of the fandom name began in 2017 when NCT Dream held their first official fan meeting, “The Dream Show.” During the event, the members revealed that they wanted to interact with their fans like friends or neighbors, hence the term “neighbors.” However, the name didn’t stick as it was too generic and didn’t capture the unique bond between NCT Dream and their fans.

Later that year, NCT Dream released their debut album, “We Young,” and during the promotional period, fans suggested several fandom names, including “Dreamers,” “Smurfs,” “7Dreamers,” and “Sunflowers.” However, the group didn’t like any of the names, as they either sounded too generic or were too closely associated with other fandoms.

Finally, in 2018, NCT Dream announced the name “NCTzens” through their official Twitter account. The announcement was accompanied by a video that explained the meaning behind the name and showcased the fans’ love and support for the group. The name was well-received by fans, and since then, NCT Dream fans proudly call themselves NCTzens.

How Fans Embraced the Name

NCTzens have embraced the name wholeheartedly and taken it to new heights. They have created unique and colorful merchandise, including t-shirts, light sticks, and badges, with the NCTzens logo. The fans have also created several online communities and social media platforms to interact and share their love for NCT Dream.

The fandom’s official color is Pearl Neo Champagne, which represents the group’s dynamic and bright personality. Fans have used this color to create fan art, edit videos and photos, and decorate their social media accounts. The pearl also signifies the fans’ unconditional love and support for the group.

NCTzens have also used the name to support NCT Dream during various events and competitions. They have come up with creative ways to promote the group, including organizing flash mobs, trending hashtags on social media, and even creating their dance covers. The fans’ dedication and passion have helped NCT Dream win several awards and recognition, including the 2019 Mnet Asia Music Awards for Best New Asian Artist Group.


In conclusion, the fandom name “NCTzens” represents the unique bond between NCT Dream and their fans. The name is a testament to the fans’ support and unconditional love for the group, and the group’s ever-evolving culture. NCTzens’ passion and dedication have demonstrated the power of the fandom, and their creativity and enthusiasm have made NCT Dream a global phenomenon. As the NCT culture continues to grow, we can look forward to more exciting and magical moments to share with NCTzens.

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