Multimedia vs. Hypermedia

The development in technology resulted in the specialization of the product and services and at the same time created a fine line between those terms, which are misunderstand by a massive. Like other same alike terms, people often confuse the term multimedia and hypermedia for the same purpose. Don’t mix them with each other just because of a common word, media, between them. So, what makes them different from each other, will get revealed after understanding the core concept of both terms one by one.

What is Multimedia?

When we talk about multimedia, first things comes into mind are graphics, drawings, music and videos and that is right. So, the definition of multimedia, is any kind of computer or other technological information and material which can be presented through images, graphics, drawings, videos, music or animations.

The multimedia or electronic devices which are used to make this information useful are monitor or display screen for graphics, images and videos. While speaker or mp3 players are used for music or audio. It can be in form of different contents consists upon text, audio, animation, video, etc. There are two kinds of multimedia, namely linear and non linear multimedia. When you watch a movie in a cinema, it is kind of linear multimedia. You just control the voice and on & off feature. While movie run without any further navigation control. On the other hand, video game is the kind of non linear multimedia, which is controlled through external navigation. Game works according to your instructions.

What is Hypermedia?

Hypermedia is a complex term than multimedia. A little effort will be required to completely understand its core concept. Hypermedia means converting graphics, audios, videos, text, animation, hyperlinks, drawings, etc. in hypertext form with the help of a programming tool or software. Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Director, Macromedia Flash Player, Macromedia Authorware, Visual FoxPro and FileMaker Developer are the tools, which are used for hypermedia applications. There is a special language for hypermedia, which is used to make multimedia files to be capable of in operating sate.

Unlike multimedia, it has only one non linear medium quality. If you are reading a document or book on your computer, it allows you to navigate on any part of the document. It is also the fundamental and structural part of the World Wide Web.

Key Differences between Multimedia and Hypermedia

  1. Multimedia can be in two format, linear multimedia non linear multimedia. While hypermedia has only one non linear medium quality.
  2. The term multimedia is associated with the presentation of media such as images, graphics, video or music with help of a computer or mobile. Hypermedia is a system which is used to make any media files in a presentable state.
  3. Hypermedia is wider term than multimedia in the sense that besides dealing with audio, video and graphics, it also deals in World Wide Web.
  4. Hypermedia is the source of linking various media files while multimedia operate various media types.
  5. Multimedia requires peripheral devices to shows the result or output and results in some cost. While hypermedia is the name of a few software and programming tools.

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