Michael Vs Micheal

Michael or Micheal – which one is correct? This is one of the most common questions people tend to ask when they come across names that have different spellings, but are pronounced the same. Many people spell the name Michael as Micheal, and vice versa. This can be a problem when it comes to official documents and forms, as you can’t just use any spelling you want.

So, what is the correct spelling – Michael or Micheal? Let’s explore this a bit.

The Correct Spelling

The correct spelling of the name is Michael. This is the most common spelling of the name, and it is the one that is recognized by most dictionaries and language experts.

The name Michael is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Mikha’el’. According to the Hebrew Bible, Mikha’el is an archangel who is known for his bravery and leadership skills. He is also believed to be the protector of the Jewish people.

The name Michael has been used for centuries by people of different cultures and religions. It is a popular name for boys, and is often used in combination with other names like Michael John, Michael James or Michael David.

The name Michael is also used as a surname. Some famous people with the surname Michael include George Michael, Michael Caine, Michael Jackson, and Michael Phelps.

The spelling Micheal, on the other hand, is not the correct spelling of the name. It is a common misspelling, and it has been used for many years. However, it is not considered correct, and it is unlikely to be accepted on official documents.

The spelling Micheal is often used as a first name in Celtic cultures, particularly in Ireland. However, even in these cases, the correct spelling of the name is Michael. The spelling Micheal is considered a variant of the name Michael, but it is not the standard spelling.

So, if you are looking to name your child or yourself Michael, make sure that you spell it correctly.

The Differences Between Michael And Micheal

The main difference between Michael and Micheal is the spelling. Michael is the correct spelling, while Micheal is a common misspelling.

However, there may be some minor differences in pronunciation between the two spellings, depending on the accent of the person saying the name. Some people may pronounce the ‘ch’ sound in Micheal as a hard ‘k’ sound, while others may pronounce it as a soft ‘sh’ sound. This can lead to slight variations in the way the name is spoken.

In terms of meaning and origin, there is no difference between Michael and Micheal. Both names have the same origin and meaning, and they are both associated with bravery, strength, and leadership.


Q. Is it okay to name my child Micheal instead of Michael?
A. While Micheal is a common misspelling of the name Michael, it is not the correct spelling. If you want to name your child Michael, it is important to use the correct spelling.

Q. Are there any other common misspellings of the name Michael?
A. Yes, there are several other common misspellings of the name Michael, including Mikael, Mikel, Mikal, and Mikol.

Q. Why is the name Michael so popular?
A. The name Michael has been popular for centuries, and it is still a popular name for boys today. This is likely due to the association of the name with qualities like bravery, leadership, and strength, as well as its use in various cultures and religions.


In conclusion, the correct spelling of the name is Michael. While the spelling Micheal is a common misspelling, it is not considered correct. If you are looking to name your child or yourself Michael, make sure that you use the correct spelling to avoid any confusion or difficulties with official documents.