Marine vs. Navy Seals

The Marine and the Navy seals have been an essential part of the safety, security, and defence of the country, generally marine fights on land and navy fights at sea, the Marines are more likely to the Army, and they are disciplined fighting force with specialized training and the Navy provides sea and air power in order to protect maritime interest.

The Marines and the Navy were established in 1775 by the congress. The Marines are a branch of the Navy. The primary role of the Navy is to make sure that the seas are free so that the US can use the sea when it is required by national interest. The Navy ships can be used to attack the enemy on the land miles away by using heavy guns and cruise missiles.

In the beginning, the marines were established as the landing force for the Navy. Later, in 1798, the marines were declared a separate service by congress and in 1812 they took part in the war.

On the other hand, the seals first began in 1943; a group of people who were selected from Naval Construction Battalions, known as “Seabees” and then they were organized as a special team known as Navy Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) and their primary task is to clear the beach for troops. The navy seals were formed in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy.

Comparison chart

Basis Marine Navy seals
Definitions The marines are close combat specialists who mostly fight on land and are trained for physical rigours of combat. The navy fights at sea mostly and provides transportation to the marine in large numbers which include ships that are designed to be used as marine “troopships”
Nickname Devil dogs, the proud, the few Nicknames for the Navy Seals are Frogmen, The Teams and The Men With Green faces
Type Marine corps Special operations force
Primary role Amphibious and ground force The navy primary role is to check the sea area so that the U.S. is able to make the use of sea
Name of operations involved American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, Barbary Wars, banana Wars, boxer rebellion,  World War 1 and 2, Seminole Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War Battle of Mogadishu, operation desert storm, operation restore hope, world war 2, Vietnam war, operation enduring freedom, operation united shield
Motto The marine motto is “Semper Fidelis”, which means always faithful. There are two mottos of Navy Seals ‘It pays to be a winner’, and ‘the only easy day was yesterday’
Part of U.S. Department of defence, department on the navy U.S special operation command, U.S. naval special welfare command

What is Marine?

The Marines have the ability to fight on land, sea and air by providing support to both naval and ground forces. The marines are a group of US armed forces; they are trained to take control of beachheads and they are specialized in amphibious missions.

Generally, the marines are known as  Navy’s ground troops. However, the word “marine” is a French word for sea, which may be why the French military historically called English troops, who all had to arrive by sea are,” marines”.

The marines are lighter than the army force, they can also take part in ground combat operations, during combat missions the marines are self-sufficient, with their airpower, that mainly comprises a fighter aircraft and attack helicopters, even in this case, marines to a large extent, will be assisted by the navy organizationally and logistically.

Training in Marine

The basic training for marine consists of 13 weeks,

  • The first nine weeks consist of one and two phases when recruits learn weapon handling, hone their close combat skills, master their marksman abilities, undergo gas chamber training, field firing range and the crucible event, and experience constant drills where they walk in military formation with their weapons.
  • And, for the last three weeks, recruits must take and pass a driving course, Marine corps history tests, swimming test, first-aid, physical training as well, in which 96% males passes the basic training, whereas only 25% of females make it though.

What are Navy Seals?

You might think about navy seals as simple ships that patrolling around the nation’s border but their ultimate goal is to maintain the freedom of the seas for U.S. and support many different missions’ fronts around the world.

The navy seals are the sea, air, and land forces; they are trained soldiers who are famous for their ability to think critically, the navy seals have the capabilities to perform highly specialized and most challenging warfare missions which are considered superior to standard military forces.

The training program of navy seals is one of the toughest programs in the world, consisting of

  • 12 months of initial training includes Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL BUD/S School, Parachute Jump School, and Seal Qualification Training (SQT).
  • Another 18 months include pre-deployment and intensive specialize training
  • The first two months includes intense physical training and the recruits must pass a physical screening after this training is complete. After this, recruits undergo a combination of basic conditioning, combat driving and land warfare training, consists of constant motion such as swimming, running, rolling in the sand, and moving through mud, the training teaches the Navy Seals how to lead and make decisions and remains functional when they are suffering from extreme conditions.

Key Differences between Marine and Navy Seals

  • The navy seals specialize in controlling the entry and exit point if seaport, on the other hand, the marine carry out amphibious missions.
  • The navy will support the Air force power, on the other hand, the marine supports the Army when rapid development is needed.
  • The navy takes control of the sea, whereas, the marine take and hold the beaches and everything else in the area, by providing air support too, they make things safe for the army.
  • The naval reserves will provide assistance to the navy when required, whereas the marine will be occasionally assisted by the navy, logistically and administratively.

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The main difference between the marine and the navy seals will always be in their capabilities, and each military service brings with it a unique, aspect and skills and they work both independently and cohesively. However choosing a career between the marines and navy seals, the difference between the marines and navy seals will help you to make the right decision. The marines are highly respected and one of the most elite fighting force, whereas the navy seals are more rigorous and more demanding.

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