Make vs. Model

Make and model both are general words used for taking information about any product. We use both the words together when we ask about the information on any product or something. Make Refers to the manufacturer and maker of the product. It is usually the name of the company. Model refers to the product’s name and the number given by the manufacturer so we can easily find the difference between the different products of the same company. For example, Toyota is the car make and Camry is a car model.

The main difference between the make and model is that the maker can only be one person from one company and model can be one or more of the different product of the same company. Model and number of the product end up the confusion of the customer.

Comparison Chart

           Basis              Make        Model
        Definition Make refers to the makers and the manufacturer of the product and the company of the product. Model refers to the name and the number of the product given by the company and manufacturer.
              Use Generally, it is always used as a name. Number and name both can be used in models.
   Example of name Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda Vezel in this Honda is the make. The Civic, City and Vezel are the models
  Example of Number Nokia 3310 in this example Nokia is the company and the maker. 3310 is a numeric code the number and model of the product.

What is make?

Make is usually called the companies name which makes and manufacture different products. For example, Toyota Corolla GLi3 is the latest car model when we come to know about the make of this car we will come to know Toyota and when talking about model and product we will say Corolla GLi3. Make means combining some parts, create something new by putting substance together. When we want to know about the making of any product we are actually asking about the maker or producer of it. Basically make is the name of the company with the help of which company goes within the market. So, make is actually about the company who produce their product by giving them model and number. If Toyota makes their car from Suzuki makers the car will still be known as Toyota car. Generally, it is called making.

What is model?

Model is basically the name and the number of the product which is given by the manufacturer or company. So one can easily find the difference between the products of the company. For example: if you want to buy the car from Toyota but you don’t know the models you will get confused easily because there is a lot of cars manufactured by Toyota, so if you know the specific model and specification of that car then it will be very convenient for you to buy according to your requirement. Model is the name or number of product which consists of different alphabets along with numbers. For example, Nokia3310, Samsung Note8, Nokia1110 and Samsung S8, in these cases Nokia and Samsung is the make and other are the models and names of the product that are represented by the numeric codes.

Key Differences between Make and Model

  1. Make is the maker or producer of the product and the company who produces the product. While the model is the specific number and name of the product given by the company and manufacturer.
  2. The model helps the customer in buying and ends up the confusions. On the other hand, make is the company who gives the name and number to their models.
  3. For example Nokia1110, Nokia 3310. In this example, Nokia is the make of the mobile phone and 3310 and 1110 is the model of mobile phone.

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So, make and model are used together to get to know about any product. When one want to know about any product would ask both the things together. Make is the name of the company so, if Nokia make their phone from Huawei employers the mobile will still belongs to Nokia. So, make is always be remain the same but makers can be changed. So one should be aware of the make and model relation.

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