Lemon vs. Lime

Some people think lemon and lime are interchangeable but there is nothing like that lemon and lime both belong to the same citrus fruit family, but both have slightly different flavors and scents. Lemon and lime both are rich in vitamin C.

The main difference between lemon and lime is that Limes are green and smaller in size, whereas Lemons are yellow and bigger in size. Expect the difference of color, size and flavor both the fruits lime and lemon have the same nutritional benefits. They both are low in calories and helps us in maintaining our fitness. The one more difference is lemons have a sour, acidic taste, while lime has a bitter, acidic taste. Mainly, they both contain limonoids which are very beneficial for our health and prevent cancer diseases. If you come to know the difference between lemon and lime and the compounds present in them, then you will be going choosy in selecting them.

Comparison Chart

Basis Lemon Lime
Definition Lemons belong to the citrus fruit family. It is yellow in color and bigger in size. It has a sour, acidic taste. Lime are also belong to the citrus fruit family. It is green in color and small in size. It has a bitter, acidic taste.
Shape Lemon is ellipsoidal in shape. Lime is typically round in shape.
Prices Lemons are expensive in prices. Limes are cheap in prices.
Species Citrus x latifolia Citrus x limon.
Calories It has 29 calories. It has 30 calories.
Vitamin It gives vitamin C 88% of the RDI It gives vitamin C 48% of the RDI
Minerals Other than vitamins lemon also possess minerals which are Zinc, Copper, manganese and selenium. Lime also possess minerals which are manganese, selenium, Zinc and Copper.
Potassium 4% of the RDI 3% of the RDI

What is Lemon?

Lemon is one of the most popular and versatile citrus fruit. It is yellow in color. Bigger in size as compared to lime, and are oval in shape. It has sour, acidic in taste. Its refreshing flavor and scent making it popular and many people choose it for flavoring many recipes and perfumes. It is also used in every beverage from tea to juices. Lemon is a very rich source of vitamin C it provides so many health benefits.


Lemon is also used for weight loss because it increases the body’s metabolic rate. Drinking lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach in every morning gives very good result for weight loss. One of the most common ways to get the health benefits of lemon is by juicing it. Lemon juice protects the body from immune system deficiencies. It also acts as a detoxifying agent. Lemon water is also good for skin problems. It helps our digestive system and provide us with so many health benefits. So lemon is very good natural fruit which has so many health benefits.

What is Lime?

Lime also belongs to citrus family fruit that is highly acidic in nature. Lime is usually green in color and smaller in size than lemon. It has a bitter, acidic taste. The lime is the leader of citrus fruit, lime is the best natural source of getting vitamin C and vitamin A.  The lime is also famous and most widely used citrus fruit for nutrition. Lime is a very common ingredient in Mexican and Thai food.


There are several species of citrus fruit is referred to as limes including key lime, kaffir lime, wild lime, desert lime and Persian lime. The lime is also very low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. Moreover, lime pulp and the peel are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant and glycosides. Lime is very good for our skin and removes dead cells of the skin by applying it on our skins. It also gives relief in constipation and also manages blood sugar because it has a high level of soluble fiber. So, lime is very useful and helps you in maintaining your health, skin and body.

Key Differences between Lemon and Lime

  1. Lime and lemon both are hybrid citrus fruit but different in color, size and shape.
  2. Lime is green in color and lemon are yellow in color.
  3. Lemon has a sour, acidic taste. On the other hand, lime has a bitter, acidic taste.
  4. Lemon is less acidic, but lime is more acidic in taste.
  5. Lime is smaller in size. While lemon is bigger in size.
  6. Lemon is ellipsoidal in shape. But limes are typically round in shape.
  7. Lemons are expensive in price. While limes are cheap in price.
  8. Lime is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. On the other hand lemon are the best source of getting minerals and vitamin among all citrus fruit.
  9. Lemon has 50% more vitamin C and lime has 50% more vitamin A as compared to each other.
  10. Both are widely used in medicine, cooking, drinks and various nutrition processes.

Comparison Video


Lemon and lime both belong to the same citrus family fruit. They both are rich in vitamin. Lemon is the biggest source of getting minerals also. Lemon and lime both help us in weight loss. Lime decreases the chances of cancer diseases. Lemon and lime both are used in making perfumes. The best way of getting the benefits of lemon by juicing it. Lime pulp and peel is very rich in dietary fiber. Both are used in the cooking process. Lime is very famous in Mexican and Thai food. Lime is more acidic than lemons. So, both lime and lemon have same benefits but lemon is 50% more in minerals and lime is 50% more in vitamins. They are not the same and cannot be used interchangeably. Both have some different benefits from each other.

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