Honors vs. Masters

Main Difference

The main difference between honors and masters is, honors does not give you a whole new degree, it just denotes if you have worked harder during your undergraduate degree. While on the contrary, masters is a separate degree itself. Masters degree is basically a four year degree. It is a separate, advanced and a higher degree. Now a days, masters degree is being offered to even those people who already have one degree before getting their masters degree. Honors, on the other hand, is difficult to get in and not everyone is capable of getting through honors in a wink of an eye. Both of these educational degrees provide with literacy and wisdom that could not e compared to those who decide to quit their studies after high school at maximum.


honorsHonors is actually a grading or ranking system used in university level degrees, like in UK, U.S and many other countries as well. The criterion of honors is different in different countries. When a student gets done with his degree of bachelors or even masters, with ‘honors’, it means that he or she has passed with flying colors and distinctions. It also means that the particular student who passes with honors is ranked among the highest scoring students of the class. This distinction which he gets is then even added to his degree. In that way, the student get all the perks of being a honors holder.


MastersOn the other hand, masters is a degree for which the students themselves get enrolled or registered. They go to a certain university and get themselves registered for this degree. Obtaining a masters degree also signifies that the student wants to opt for higher studies rather than being stuck to their undergraduate courses or degrees. A student can do masters in any subject like, English, Humanities, Physics, Science, Math and many more subjects. Students also opt for masters in business administration (MBA).

Key Differences

  • Honors degree is not a separate degree. It is just the grading or ranking of the degree, with which the student has completed his education. While masters is a separate degree itself.
  • Masters is approached by students themselves, by getting themselves admitted in a university for that purpose, while honors again, is just a grading system.
  • Hard working students are rewarded or awarded with honors while masters could be done by any student who wants to.
  • When someone gets a honors degree, they are supposed to put ‘Hons’ in front of their original degree. While in masters, nothing such happens.
  • The highest level of honors degree is, first class honors degree. On the contrary, this is not the scenario when we talk about masters.

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