High Heels vs. Pumps

The difference between High heels and Pumps that pumps are more comfortable and can easily wear for a long time because it has no buckles and straps on it. High heels are not that comfortable but it looks more elegant and beautiful because it has buckle and designs on it. The pumps are only 1-3 in inches while high heels are about 2-8 and more in inches.

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high heels vs pumps

Pumps can be wear on any occasion. While high heels are good for wedding and parties. Pumps are closed to the toe and high heels have a pointed heel that raises the heel of the wearer significantly higher than the toes. So, pumps are easier to take off and put on again in comparison to high heels.

Comparison Chart

Basis  High Heels     Pumps
DefinitionHigh heels are usually 2-8 and higher in inches. These are the type of shoes which are significantly higher of the ground.Pumps are low heeled shoes. It is about 1-3 inches. It is closed to toe. It is also called “Court Shoes’’.
Laces and bucklesLaces and buckles attached with it. Which make it more beautiful and elegant.Laces and buckles are not attached to it. Which make it more comfortable.
StrapsIt has straps attached with it. Which make it complicated for the wearer.It has no straps. So, the wearer can easily wear it.
InchesIt is 2-8 and higher in inches.It is about 1-3 inches high.
Time PeriodIt can’t be wear for a long time because of its design.You can wear it for a long period of time because it is so simple in design.
UseIt is used for wedding and parties.It looks sober. You can wear it anywhere.
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What are High Heels?

High heels are the type of shoes that have heels about 2-8 inches and more. These are the type of shoe in which the heel, compared with the toe, is significantly higher of the ground. Basically, it is good for short height females because it makes the wearer taller. It is a perfect material for wedding and parties because it has buckle, straps and so many different designs on it.

High Heels

There are so many types of high heels. Continental Heels, Setback Heels and Pantaloons Heels are some of them. High heels help the wearer look slimmer and elegant. It is used as female wear for the last 1000 years.

What are Pumps?

Pumps are normally flat or low heeled shoes. They are also known as “Court Shoes”. Initially, the shoe design of pumps was designed for men many years ago, but the female attraction and adaptation towards it made it female footwear. It is comfortable and easy to remove because it has no buckles and straps on it.

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Earlier, it was only available in black color only for office and formal wears now as time passes it became more fashionable and available in different styles and colors. We can wear pumps for a long time and it is easy to take off and put on again.

Key Differences

  1. High heels have buckles and straps on it, while Pumps are lack of buckles and straps.
  2. High heels are not easily removable because of its straps, while pumps can easily be taken off.
  3. Pumps are comfortable and can wear for a long time, on the other hand, high heels are not that comfortable.
  4. Pumps are good for casual wear, while high heels are good for formal and party wear.
  5. Pumps look soberer than high heels.
  6. The high heels have a length around 2-8 inches and more, while pumps have a length in between 1-3 in inches.
  7. The high heels are good for short heigh ladies, on the other hand, pumps are a good choice for everyone.
  8. High heels compared with the toe, is significantly higher of the ground. While pumps are closed to the toe.
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Comparison Video


High heels and pumps both are different kinds of shoes. Both have different specification. I have provided you with a basic definition and description of these above-mentioned shoes. It depends on the wearer what they choose for them according to their comfort and needs. We should always think about comfort so, I prefer pumps because it is comfortable can easily wear for a long time and also have some inches. I hope you will enjoy your shopping when you have a right knowledge of what to buy.

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