Golden Globes vs. Oscars vs. Emmys

Golden Globes are the distinctive performance and honor-based awards given to the movie (Cinema) sector and Television industry. These include both domestic and overseas work in the sphere of TV business and film. Oscars are also called Academy awards; these are the most prestigious performance-based awards that are given in 24 distinct categories on a yearly basis to love their work in film and cinema. It only counts the job for the movies and cinema. Emmys are the awards given to recognize the prestige in the Television industry only, including TV series, dramas, etc..

Comparison Chart

Basis Golden Globes Oscars Emmys
Awarded For Excellence in Television and Film both Excellence in Cinematic successes Excellence in Television Industry
Country United States United States United States
Recognition Film and TV both Only Film (Cinema) Only Television Industry
Presented By Hollywood Foreign Press Association Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science IATAS, NATAS, ATAS.
First Awarded January 20, 1944 May 16, 1929 January 25, 1949

What are Golden Globes?

Golden Globes are the showbiz performance-based awards given to the outstanding actors in recognition of their excellence in the film industry and in addition to in the TV market. Golden Globes are worlds among the most famous and most desired awards since they’re given for the last 73 years and have a fantastic honor historically. Hollywood Foreign Press Association provides these awards. It has stuff from all over the world, but largely preference is given to the Hollywood movie and TV industry.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association was established in 1943 by a group of creative writers, who came across the notion of Golden Globe awards. The first-ever Golden Globe Awards were held at the United States on January 20, 1944. Currently, there are 93 jury members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that nominate the actors in many different categories. Golden Globe award ceremony is live telecasted all over the world in over 167 nations.

Golden Globes

What are Oscars?

The Academy Awards, more famous as Oscars would be the merit awards given to the excellent performers in the movie industry. The awards are given one of twenty-four distinct artistic and technical categories. Even though it includes a broad proportion of American Film Industry (Hollywood), the ideal work regarding films all over the world is considered and valued. These awards are given annually by the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).

Oscars are believed to be world number one and most precious awards since they are the earliest ones and are followed up the terrific elegant history. The very first Academy Award was introduced on May 16, 1929, Whereas the very first official live broadcast of the awards was in 1930 on the radio. For the first time on the TV, the awards were broadcasted in 1953. In the current time, these awards are broadcasted live and are observed in over 200 countries of the world. The winner of this award is provided a copy of gold statuette that’s often called Oscar. The official name of this decoration Academy Award of Merit.’ Up until now, nearly 3,048 Oscars are given from its start.


What are Emmys?

Emmy Awards are the World’s largest and most precious performance-based awards given to the recognition of their excellence in the Television Industry. These are the world-famous awards and look like the other awards that are specified like Tony Award for the theater, Grammy Award for songs and Academy Award for the film. Although these awards are awarded to the excellent performers just in the American TV industry, nevertheless these awards are recognized globally due to its historic heritage and merit-based exposure.

These awards are coordinated and supervised under three unique organizations which have ATAS (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences), NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) and from IATAS (International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). The very first Emmy Awards were presented on January 25 in 1949. Emmy Awards are divided into a series of distinct phases where various categories are found. The principal phases which have the arts and drama series of the television would be the Primetime Emmy and Daytime Emmy.


Key Differences between Golden Globes and Oscars and Emmys

  1. Golden Globes will be the showbiz performance awards given to the outstanding actors in the film and tv industry both.
  2. Oscars or Academy Awards are the words most precious film industry awards.
  3. Emmys will be the performance awards given to the excellent actors in the television market.
  4. Golden Globes includes television and film industry both.
  5. Oscars are for the sole film industry.
  6. Emmys are just for the television market.
  7. Golden Globes are often awarded to the American movie and television industry but also has international work too.
  8. Oscars are given worldwide, but priority is American movie market.
  9. Emmys are awarded only to the American television market.

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