Dungeness vs. Snow Crab

Dungeness and snow crabs vary in terms in that Dungeness crabs have thinner and smaller legs than snow crabs. Crabs with lengthy and longer legs are known as snow crabs which means they can pack more meat.

Crabs are famous in Russia, the United States, China, Indonesia, and Canada.

Comparison Chart

ComparisonDungenessSnow Crab
FoundCalifornia regionNorth Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans.
Sizelegs of Dungeness crabs are shorter than snow crabs.legs of snow crabs are longer than Dungeness crabs.
Legssmaller and thinner legslong as well as thicker legs.
Namedafter the habitat, they are found innamed after the color of their meat.
CostExpensiveNot Expensive
Tastesweeter tasteless sweet
Ediblethe body under the shelllegs are mostly preferred
Crabs found in:grass beds and ocean floorsmuddy land or upper slopes.
Agedepends on the predators and the food availabilityLive up to 20 years.
Weight2 pounds4.7

What is Dungeness?

Dungeness crabs are known because of their native habitat. They have a hard shell and a large body. In California, they are essential. They prefer sandy environments.

They are typically 2 pounds in weight and walk with four feet. Their heads were adorned with two large black eyes.

It is well-known for its sweetmeat, as Dungeness meat is exceptionally safe to consume. Because the flesh is difficult to remove from the shell, it can be used in sauces and dips. Boiling the crab for around 20 minutes can improve the taste and sweetness.

However, eating crab raw is not recommended because it might cause serious health problems. Crabs have numerous health benefits. It’s high in protein and vitamin B12. It also aids in the complete improvement of immunity.

What is Snow Crab?

The North Atlantic and North Pacific regions are home to snow crabs. Queen crabs are another name for them and come from their meat’s pure white color. They can only be found in ice-cold oceans.

The legs of snow crabs make up a significant portion of their body. Their bodies are tiny and round. Male snow crabs are usually twice as giant as female snow crabs. The meat of the snow crab is delicious and delicate.

When exposed to fire, their color changes from red to white. Snow crab legs are lengthy legs that yield a large amount of flesh; thus, an entire King crab is equivalent to snow crab legs.

Their meat is widely available all over the world. It has a high cholesterol level. It contains approximately sixty milligrams of cholesterol each serving.

After a long day of activity, snow crabs are an excellent food option to help your body recover.

Key Differences Between Dungeness and Snow Crab

  1. Compared to Snow crabs, Dungeness crabs have smaller-sized legs, while Snow crabs have longer and thicker legs.
  2. Snow crab legs have more flesh than Dungeness crab legs.
  3. California is a great place to find Dungeness crab. The North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans are home to snow crabs.
  4. When comparing the weight of Dungeness crabs and snow crabs, snow crabs weigh more than Dungeness crabs.
  5. A Dungeness crab weighs roughly 02 pounds on average. Snow crabs are heavier than Dungeness crabs, which weigh 4.7 pounds on average.
  6. Predators and food availability determine the lifespan of Dungeness crabs. On the other hand, Snow crabs have the longest life expectancy, with some living up to 20 years.
  7. The Dungeness crab’s body is known as “to eat,” while the legs of snow crabs are mostly preferred.
  8. When compared to snow crabs, the Dungeness crab has a sweeter flavor.
  9. Dungeness crabs are found in grassy areas and on the ocean floor. Snow crabs are found in sandy, muddy areas or higher slopes.
  10. Dungeness crab is one of the world’s most expensive meats. On the other hand, Snow crabs aren’t as famous as Dungeness crabs regarding desire.
  11. The meat of the Dungeness crab is high on proteins and B12 vitamins. While snow crabs have increased levels of Vitamin B-3, B-5, and B-6.


Dungeness and snow crabs are both sourced commercially for their meat. The meat of these crabs is delicious and delicate. The body flesh of Dungeness meat is preferred, whereas the legs of a snow crab are favored. They have large portions that provide a substantial amount of meat.

Snow crabs are named after their white meat, whereas Dungeness crabs are known for their habitat. Snow crabs are more complex in California, although Dungeness crabs are more common. As a result, both of these crabs are significantly distinct in terms of appearance and flavor.

Keep in mind: It’s important to remember that persons with cholesterol-related diseases should stay away from Snow crab because it contains a modest cholesterol level.

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