Data Roaming vs. Cellular Data

Main Difference

Data roaming and cellular data are associated to the SIMs services and Wi-Fi network of smartphones and Android phones. With the advancement in technology, the menus and features of mobiles are increasing day by day. The phone itself doesn’t explain the technical terms. To understand the differences between these two terms, it is very important to grab the concept of both terms one by one.

Data Roaming

data-roamingEvery cellular company have its specific network that the mobile uses while communicating. Data roaming means that mobile or phone is using a different network that is not under the control of your mobile operator. Your mobile operator is in fact using the different network and mobile operator might charge extra amount for data roaming. As happened in case of travelling abroad where your mobile operator doesn’t operate. If data roaming service is available on your mobile by your mobile operator than you can easily use the specified network of your mobile operator as you were using in native country.

Cellular Data

cellular-dataCellular data is mostly associated with the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is used for data communication across cellular networks. When a Wi-Fi network is unavailable at a specified place than iPhone and iPad automatically starts to use a cellular data network for internet connectivity. Roaming charges are applicable if your data roaming is turned on. It is also like data roaming but mostly deals in Wi-Fi network connectivity. With the evolution in mobile technologies like 4G, 4G LTE, etc. basic function of mobile networks also includes the service of cellular data to end users.

Key Differences

  • Cellular data provides both calling facility and Wi-Fi service while data roaming deals in the coverage of network in other places.
  • Data roaming is a subset of cellular data as it only provides data rates to end users.
  • Cellular data deals with the iOS devices while data roaming deals with all kinds of mobile operators or GSM.
  • Mobile operator might charge extra amount for data roaming. In case of cellular data, roaming charges are applicable if your data roaming is turned on.
  • Unless, data roaming is authorised by the mobile operator it cannot be used. Cellular data service is already available in most of the devices. Settings are required to enable the cellular data service.

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