Cat vs. Dog

Are you looking for a baby pet or workout buddy? Are you confused while choosing between cats and dogs? We have some information about both these pet animals which can help you in choosing and understanding the differences between them.

There are so many differences between cats and dogs, but the main difference between cats and dogs is the size and behavior of these pets. Cats are lively, athletic, and quick and spend their time mostly while playing games. On the other hand, dogs are pack animals which means they are easy to train, and they adapt changes easily from their surroundings.

However, the personality and behavior of cats and dogs may vary so greatly. Another main difference between cats and dogs is their sound, or the way they sound such as the dog will bark howl or growl, on the other hand, cat’s meow or snarls.

Comparison Chart

Basis       Cats Dogs



Cats are independent creatures, and they can stay alone for hours at a time. Dogs are the most loyal animals on earth, and they want more attention and care
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Class Mammalia Mammalia
Family Felidae Canidae
Species Felis catus Canis Lupus Familiaris
Size The size of a cat is almost 2 to 8 inches in height The size of a dog ranges from 2.5 to 14 inches in height
Order Carnivora Carnivora
Life span Depends on the species but the average life ranges from 12 to 25 years Depends on the dog’s breed but the average life ranges between 12-18 years
Food Food for domestic cats include meat and milk whereas some species like to hunt and kill rats Dogs mostly eat special dog food, meat and milk whereas wild dogs eat and hunt the flesh of their prey
Physical characteristics Cats have four legs, and some have more than four toes, the weigh is almost 5 to 20 pounds and most of them are covered in fur, and they vary in color They have sharp, flopped or pricked ears; they have four legs and four toes. Most of them are covered in fur and vary in color
House-training Can be easily trained to use a litter box Can be easily trained to scratch at the door to go potty
Special abilities Cats have a higher level of hearing and night vision as they can see very clearly even in darkness and can hear sounds from a large distance On the other hand, dogs have a higher level of smelling and sniffing sense. They are mostly used for catching criminals or hunting purposes.

What is Cat?

Cat is one of the famous and most preferred pet animals in the world. The cats belong to the feline family, and they have different species and breeds depend on the geographical region where they are found.

According to the Animal Humane Society, cats are nocturnal animals as they are more playful at night. Cats are independent and bossy by nature as they don’t rely on their humans for their basic needs of food, and they can stay alone for quite a long time.

Cats have very pointed and retractable claws that help the cats in climbing the trees and without effort, they can leap from high spaces. Cats can be classified into two main types; such as wildcats and domestic cats.

Wildcats mostly found in jungles, mountains, dens etc. these cats first hunt, then kill and eat the prey. Their food includes rats, rabbits, lizards, etc

Domestic cats mostly found in the occupied area and are subdivided into two categories; free-roaming street cats or stray cats and others are pet cats.

The free-roaming street cats are quite independent, and they eat whatever is available, whereas pet cats live with their owners and they eat special cat food, meat, milk. Their owners also vaccinate these cats.

What is Dog?      

A dog is a muscular animal with four legs and a shaggy tail. Their bodies are fully covered or spotted with the fur of the same color. They are well built to hunt and have exceptional senses to track the prey; generally, they use their nose to catch the prey. Moreover, their strong legs help them in running and sharp teeth for biting the prey.

Dogs are the most famous pet animals in the world and, they are also known as man’s best friend due to their faithfulness and devotion, no matter how rich or how poor you are? Your dog will be loyal and faithful to you and will always love you.

A dog can be trained properly with patience or in a group. They can adjust easily in your family and surroundings. You should not mistreat a dog, and it will bite you in self-defense.

There are 138 dog breeds, depend on the country. The dogs can be different in appearance, temperament, size. The weight of small dogs can be 1.5 pounds, whereas some larger dogs can weigh like 200 pounds.

Key Differences

  1. The way they sound is one of the main differences between these two pets, the dogs’ bark like woof and growl, whereas cats meow and purr.
  2. Dogs are pack animals; on the other hand, cats are loner animals.
  3. Dogs need a large space to play, and they love to run back, whereas cats are more comfortable in small and cozy spaces.
  4. Dogs need affection, whereas cats are independent as they don’t need anyone.
  5. A dog may scare away strangers, whereas cats will run for cover.
  6. Cats have much better memory as compared to dogs.
  7. Cats can be easily potty trained with the help of a litter box while you have to potty train the dog, which will take a lot of time and effort.

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Cats and dogs are the most famous poets in the world. Cats are a bossy and independent mammal, on the other hand, dogs are famous for their loyalty and devotion. While choosing between cats and dogs, you should consider how much time you can spend with your pet. If you have a small house so, the cat is a good option for you because cats live happily in small spaces. However, if your house is large so you can go with the dog because dogs enjoy large spaces they love to play and run back.

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