Book vs. Novel

The difference between the book and novel is that all novels are books, but not all books are novels. Novels are only those books that only contain stories but books can contain stories, poems, subjects, etc.

One more difference between novel and book is that novels are fictional, but books can be characterized as fictional and non-fictional. It is necessary to understand the difference between novels and books because sometimes people use them interchangeably and don’t understand their differences when it comes to their meaning.

Comparison Chart

Basis Book Novel
Definition A book can be anything ranging from fiction to non-fiction Novel is necessarily a book on fiction
Features Books can be anything like poetry, subject book. Story, coloring and etc. Novel is a type of book that only contains stories.
Types Books are available in so many types. For example poetry books, cookbooks, comic books, writing books, coloring books and etc. Novel doesn’t have any type. It contains only fictional stories.
Writer The writer of the book is called an author or writer. The writer of the novel is called a novelist.
Limits of Number Books have no limits of number. A novel has more than 45,000 words.

What is a Book?

The word book comes from the Old English “bock’’ and it also comes from the Latin word “Codex’’ and now we used to call it a book. The book can be anything ranging from fiction to non-fiction. All type of stories can be compiled into a book whether they are long or short. There are so many types of books. Such as catalog books, Dairies, poetry books, story books, Colouring books, subject books, comic books, puzzle books, cookbooks, fictional and non-fictional books. A writer of the book is simply called an Author or writer. The only purpose of the writer for writing a book is to explore the subject on which the book is being written.


What is a Novel?

The word novel comes from the Latin word “Novella’’ which means “new things’’ and it also comes from the French word “Nouvelle’’ which means “short stories”. It was first to use in English as a “Novel” is the 1560s. The novel is necessarily a book on fiction. The novel is a type of book that only contains a story described very elaborately. It contains fictional characters, events, settings and themes. A novel is a realistic form. It represents the segment of life and society, which is experienced by actual men and women of a particular period. It usually, provides a fictional story based on romance and love. Novels are related to the stories of real life. The writer of the novel is simply called a Novelist and sometimes a writer also.


Key Differences between Book and Novel

The difference between book and novel can be drawn clearly on the following grounds:

  1. Books could be anything ranging from fiction to non-fiction. On the other hand, novels are the book on fiction only.
  2. All the novels are books but, not all the books are novels.
  3. Books don’t have limits of number while the novel has a limit of 50,000 words.
  4. Books can be stories, workbooks subject books, cookbooks, and etc. but a novel is the only book which contains stories.
  5. The writer of the novel is called a novelist. Sometimes, a writer also.
    The writer of the book is an author and writer.
  6. A novel is realistic and related to real-life topics while the books are based on different topics.
  7. The novel tells the story from start to end. On the other hand, books are written to discuss the matter.
  8. A novel grabs the attention of the person while books are not that much interesting.


Both are the types of books but both different specification. The novel only contains fiction stories and books can be anything. The novel is sometimes more interesting than books because its stories related to real life. A reader must select a book according to their interest. Books are more interesting when the reader read them with interest. The best thing about a book is “They let you travel without moving your feet”. So, I think that we should read books because it gives you a lot of knowledge about everything and I still think book research is better than internet research.

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