Bearpaw vs. Uggs

The main difference between Bearpaw and Uggs is the raw material used in the making. Bearpaw boots are mainly fabricated with a sheepskin lining on the inside and a suede cow leather lining on the outside with a rubber sole while, Uggs, on the other hand, are made with twin-faced sheepskin and a fleece-lined interior with synthetic rubberised foam sole.

Despite huge differences between Bearpaw and Uggs, one might not be able to tell the difference between the pair of these boots as they are pretty identical in their features such as stitches, design, look, colour, etc. However, after reading the comparison between these, you would easily be able to tell the difference between them.

Comparison Chart

 Basis Bearpaw Uggs
Introduction In 2001, Tom Romeo redefined casual footwear using the most comfortable sheepskin and leather available and manufactured a pair of boots that can keep feet warm as well as look fab while wearing it In 1978, Brian Smith founded the UGGS brand in Southern California and began selling his sheepskin boots to keep the feet warms as well as dry throughout the time
Trademark Registered in the United States and other European countries There are more than 70 registered trademarks  mainly in Australia and New Zealand
Cost Relatively cheaper than Uggs Very expensive
Comfort Bearpaw shoes are quite durable though not as great as Uggs Uggs are very comfortable, warm, soft, and lightweight
Durability Less durable Uggs can last more than 2 years if used regularly
Look Bearpaw has visible stitching and holds its shape better than Uggs Smooth stitching
Weight Much heavier than the Uggs They are lighter in weight
Materials Bearpaw mostly uses natural cow or ship leather with wool lining and sheepskin footbed Twin-shaped sheepskin with wool or fur lining
Sole Soles can be rubber or synthetic with a good grip The brand uses rubberized foam as a sole that is super soft and flexible
Colours Dark brown, beige tan, white, black, pink, blue, and green Outer come in a wide variety of colours while tan is classic

What is Bearpaw?

If you are a person looking for affordable shoes that do not lack in quality or comfort than Bearpaw boots are an excellent choice.

Bearpaw shoes are fabricated by using the most durable sheepskin and leather available and are focused on providing you long-lasting comfort and style.

History of Bearpaw

This company was founded in 2001 by Tom Romeo with the goal of redefining the casual footwear by using sheepskin and launched Big 5 Sporting Goods that quickly gained the recognition and customer’s trust due to affordable prices and good quality of the footwear.

Since 2003, the brand continued to expand over time by standing out among much famous footwear brands. Recently, they have extended their line of products to include a full suite of footwear options to suit any personality.

How are Bearpaws made?

Bearpaw boots usually have a sheepskin lining inside while the exterior is made up of suede cow leather with a rubber sole. Especially in winters, bear paws are much durable and usually last for 1.5 2.5 years with regular use.

Bearpaw boots have visible stitching and are meant to be worn without socks. Bearpaw boots usually do not have a wide variety of colours, style, and patterns to choose and traditionally come in a few different colours such as,

  • Tan
  • White
  • Beige
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue

What is Uggs?

If you are a fashionista who always like to get in on the latest fashions and fads than Uggsss are going to be your ultimate choice because they are considered to be the epitome of a fashion statement.

History of Uggs

The journey of Uggs all the way started in Southern California in 1978 when Brian Smith landed on the beach with a bag of sheepskin boots and hope.

In the beginning, Uggs were common in Australia when swimmers and surfers wear it to keep their feet warm after coming out of the cold water.

In 2006, the term “Uggs boots” became a generic term that is used to market any sheepskin or fleece boot.

Today there are so many styles of Uggs available, whether you are wearing them at home, going shopping or venturing out on holidays. The world is experiencing the true essence of quality sheepskin footwear as a global trend.

Facts about Uggs

  • The term “Uggs” was first time used by the wife of the owner of the company who used to say her boots “ugly”.
  • The original company that started the manufacturing of Uggs is situated in New Zealand and Australia.
  • The true Uggs boots are made up of sheepskin that makes them more durable and soft than any other boots.
  • One fact that makes Uggs stand out from other footwear is that they are considered as unisex which can be worn by both men and women.
  • The sole of Uggs is made from a synthetic material that helps them maintain their shape and protect your feet while you are wearing them.
  • To keep you extra warm, Uggs have fleece on the inside.
  • They are too cozy, warm, and comfortable that you can almost feel like walking around in a pair of slippers.
  • Even if you wear them daily, it may last for up to 3 years.
  • They are fashionable enough to work with almost any type of outfit.

Key Differences between Bearpaw and Uggs

  1. Price is one of the primary Key Differences between Bearpaw and Uggs between these two boots. Uggs are expensive than Bearpaw footwear and are usually not kept in discount stores.
  2. Uggs are way more comfortable than Bearpaw boots due to superior quality skin and fleece being used in Uggs.
  3. Lastly, in terms of durability, Uggs boots are considered more durable as they last longer as compared to Bearpaw.

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Both Bearpaw and Uggs are comfortable and durable but if you are a person for whom brand matters the most than there is not even a fight in this case, as Uggs are the undisputed winner because the kind of connection they have with their audience is ages away from what Bearpaw have.

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