Aqueous Humor vs. Vitreous Humor

There are two types of humors are present in the human eye from which the Aqueous Humor is one that is basically a clear liquid found in the space present between the cornea and the lens of the human eye. It is the vital functionality of the Aqueous Humor to generate constantly throughout the entire lifetime of humans. The Aqueous Humor is able to perform this functionality by pigmented and non-pigmented epithelium of the ciliary body. The aqueous humor is produced and drained at the rate of about 1 to 2.5 per minute respectively. The location of the Vitreous humor in the human eye can be observed in the rear part of the eyeball. The area of the Vitreous humor includes the space that is present between the lens and the retina. On the whole, it is a clear, gel-like substance. The Vitreous humor is present in the human eye just because of the secretion of the non-pigmented ciliary body.

Aqueous Humor

aqueous-humorThe production and drain rate of 1 to 2.5 per minute in the Aqueous Humor is very necessary. Or else, the Aqueous Humor will amplify or reduce the ocular pressure that will result in many types of glaucoma. The 0.2ml liquid is present in the aqueous humor of an average individual. But since the expansion of the lens in the human eye is occurred due to the rising age, the amount of this liquid eventually decreases. From the name of the Aqueous Humor, you can easily guess that it contains mainly water which is up to about 98.69%. The other components of the Aqueous Humor are proteins, electrolytes, glucose, lactase, amino acids, lipids, coagulation and cell growth inhibitors, ascorbate, oxygen and more.

Vitreous Humor

vitreous-humorMost of the time, the Vitreous Humor is free of microorganism that is not common in the surrounding tissues. The vitreous humor is well protected with a series of tough membranes that prevents the entrance of the microorganism. There is no doubt that the vitreous humor is enclosed but it is not an inert part of the eye due to the prime reason that the Vitreous Humor contains a small number of cells. The phagocytic cells are also present in the Vitreous Humor the purpose of which is to destroy the foreign particles and microorganisms. The main component of the Vitreous Humor is water however; other substances like salts, sugars, vitrosin and others are also present.

Key Differences

  • The position of the Aqueous humor is between the cornea and the lens of eye but you can find the vitreous humor in the rear part of the eyeball between the lens and retina.
  • The vitreous humor is basically a clear gelatinous mass while the Aqueous humor is a clear liquid.
  • The eye produces the Aqueous humor on continuous basis and it continuously drains from the front area of the eye till death. On the other hand, the production of the vitreous humor is only one time that is during the embryonic stage. It stays for the entire lifetime of the eye.
  • The aqueous humor refills all the time while the Vitreous humor never replenish.
  • In a single eye, the volume of aqueous humor is less than that of Vitreous humor.

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