Animal Cell Mitosis vs. Plant Cell Mitosis

Mitosis is a process of cell division in which somatic cells divide, which are genetically similar to their mother cell. With the same number of the chromosome as well. The main difference between animal cell mitosis and plant cell mitosis is that in animal cell undergoes cell furrowing while plant cell does not because of the rigid cell wall. The major difference is during the last phase of mitosis, that is telophase. And thus, cytokinesis occurs differently in both the cells.

What is Animal Cell Mitosis?

In animal cell mitosis the furrowing takes place and the cleavage deepens until it touches the cell membrane. The difference lies in the phase of telophase during the process of mitosis in which no distinctive cell plate is formed in the animal cell. Mitosis occurs in tissues throughout the body and aster formation also takes place in animal cell mitosis. Apart from aster formation, centrioles are also formed.

Animal Cell Mitosis

What is Plant Cell Mitosis?

In plant cell mitosis, cell plate formation occurs. During the telophase in the process of mitosis, the Golgi vesicles line up in the middle of the cell and spindle formation occurs. No furrowing of cytoplasm occurs and it occurs mainly in meristems. The cell plate is formed without aster formation. Moreover, there is an absence of centrioles as well. During plant cell mitosis, cytoskeleton element does not have any significant role to play.

Plant Cell Mitosis

Key Differences between Animal Cell Mitosis and Plant Cell Mitosis

  1. The difference lies in the telophase, during the process of mitosis in both, animal and plant cell.
  2. Centrioles are absent in plant cell but present in animal cell.
  3. Aster formation is absent in plant cell and present in an animal cell.
  4. Cell plate is formed during the process of mitosis in a plant cell but not in the animal cell.
  5. Furrowing of cytoplasm occurs in the animal cell during mitosis but not in a plant cell.
  6. Centrosome is important for animal cell mitosis but not for plant cell mitosis.
  7. Mid body is formed in animal cell mitosis but not in plant cell mitosis.
  8. Mitosis in animals occurs throughout the body but only in meristems in case of plants.

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