Ancalagon The Black Size Comparison

Ancalagon the Black Size Comparison: The Most Massive Dragon in Middle-earth

Ancalagon the Black, also known as the “Warrior of the Sky,” is one of the most formidable creatures in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth. This gigantic dragon was bred by the Dark Lord Morgoth during the First Age and stood as the largest dragon ever to have existed in the Legendarium. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive Ancalagon the Black size comparison and explain how the Black’s size makes it such a fearsome adversary.

Ancalagon the Black Size Comparison
To understand Ancalagon’s massive size better, let’s compare it to other dragons from different Middle-earth periods:

1. Smaug: The dragon from The Hobbit is certainly one of the most iconic dragons in Middle-earth. Smaug is described as about 20 feet long, with his wingspan measuring only a few feet longer. In comparison, Ancalagon dwarfs Smaug entirely, as the Black’s wingspan is estimated at roughly 1500 feet.

2. Glaurung: Known as the “Father of Dragons,” Glaurung is another dragon from the First Age. It’s believed that the Black’s immense size made all dragons that came after him appear small. Glaurung is said to be about 1000 feet long and had a wingspan of roughly 300 feet. Therefore, Ancalagon’s wingspan is five times larger than Glaurung’s.

3. Saphira: Moving forward to the Third Age, we have Saphira, a significant dragon from Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series. Saphira measures at 130 feet long and has a wingspan of approximately 70 feet. Once again, Ancalagon comes out on top, as Saphira’s wingspan is just 5% of Ancalagon’s wingpan.

4. Drogon: Next, we have Drogon, one of the three dragons owned by Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones. Despite being a fan favorite, Drogon’s size pales in comparison to Ancalagon’s. Drogon measures roughly 230 feet from head to tail, and his wingspan is estimated to be around 195 feet.

In summary, the size of Ancalagon the Black is awe-inspiring and unparalleled in the world of dragons. Its massive wingspan and length make it a daunting foe and a true force to be reckoned with in the realms of Middle-earth.

What Makes Ancalagon the Black So Formidable?

Aside from its colossal size, Ancalagon the Black was also known for possessing incredible strength and ferocity in battle. It was the mightiest weapon at Morgoth’s disposal during the War of Wrath until Eärendil, an Elven mariner, managed to bring him down with the help of a Silmaril.

Moreover, Ancalagon was the only dragon in Tolkien’s universe to be referred to as a “great drake.” In contrast, other dragons were merely “lesser drakes.” This distinction highlights Ancalagon’s dominance over other dragons, and his fearful reputation only grew upon his involvement in the War of Wrath.

Thanks to Ancalagon’s teeth, claws, and fiery breath, Gondolin’s city walls were destroyed, leading to the subsequent battle between Ancalagon and Eärendil. The war also involved the demigod-like Valar, who fought against Morgoth and his minions. But despite their power, the Valar could not hope to defeat Ancalagon in open combat.

The Fall of Ancalagon the Black

Ancalagon’s death marked the end of the First Age and Morgoth’s downfall. The Silmarillion describes the Black’s fall as an apocalyptic event: when Ancalagon plummeted down to the earth, he created what is now known as the Calacirya, the gap in the Misty Mountains.

In addition, it was the shockwaves from Ancalagon’s impact that caused the fall of Angband’s fortresses, Morgoth’s stronghold. With Morgoth’s armies decimated by Ancalagon’s death and Sauron’s defeat, the Second Age began as a period of rebuilding and prosperity.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Ancalagon the Black size comparison highlights its enormous size and dominance over other dragons. Its size and power made it a force to be reckoned with and a valuable weapon of Morgoth’s during the First Age. However, its death marked the end of Morgoth’s reign, ultimately paving the way for a new era in the Legendarium.

With the upcoming Amazon Lord of the Rings TV series, it remains to be seen if any new dragons will be as formidable as Ancalagon. Regardless, its legacy remains a high mark that writers and creators can only hope to match.