Airlines vs. Airways

Have you ever noticed before booking your tickets that some companies, carrying passengers are called airlines, while some are called airways, Have you ever thought, why? Both of these companies do the same kind of work but the names are different.

Well, for starters, the main difference between airlines and airways is, for marketing purpose. Some companies think that using ‘airline’ in their names will increase the number of passengers, but others prefer ‘airway’. Some companies feel that airline is more sophisticated while some think that airway is more catchy.

What are Airlines?

American Airlines, Northwest airlines are some famous airlines. In general, an airline is a company which operates airlines. Airlines also transport cargo along with transporting passengers. Airlines vary widely in their size, from small to huge airlines.

They have almost all the facilities for passengers traveling in the airplane. Passengers can buy tickets direct from the airlines or from their respective agents. There is a regular schedule of flights. The air industry has prospered a lot and thus they do not leave any stone unturned in facilitation their passengers. There are domestic as well as international airlines.

What are Airways?

Airway could also be termed as special routing or navigation of various air crafts. Like for example, British Airways. It is a well-recognized route followed by aircraft and it is also known as ‘highways of the sky’. Just like streets, the airways are unidirectional as well s bidirectional. Airways are of different sizes, having facilities for passengers. Most of the pilots flying airways, follow directions of the routes provided to this somewhat makes them different from airplanes.

Key Differences between Airlines and Airways

  1. Pilots flying the airways use directions of routes while those flying airlines do not, this being the basic difference as well.
  2. Airways are also called ‘Victors’, while on the hand, no such name is given to the airlines.
  3. ‘Highway of the sky’ is a phrase generally used for airways because they are provided with the navigation. While on the contrary, no such phrase is applied to airlines.
  4. Airways are used primarily for shorter routes as compared to airlines.
  5. Airways are a driver at shorter altitude as compared to the airlines.
  6. The engines of airways are small-piston. While that of airlines are not.

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