Wyvern Vs Dragon Vs Drake

Wyvern vs Dragon vs Drake – The Ultimate Comparison

Wyverns, dragons, and drakes are legendary creatures that have been mentioned in myths and legends for centuries in different cultures. They have always intrigued people with their magnificent size, strength, and mysterious nature. However, there is often confusion between these three creatures, and people use the terms interchangeably. Therefore, in this article, we will compare Wyverns, dragons, and drakes to clarify their differences.


A wyvern is a legendary creature that has its roots in European folklore. It is a two-legged winged creature with a dragon-like appearance. However, the wyvern differs from a dragon in several ways. Firstly, it has no front legs, only two powerful wings, and powerful hind legs, making it more like a bird. Secondly, it has a barbed tail, which is often used as a weapon or a tool to grab and crush its prey. Thirdly, wyverns are believed to be smaller than dragons, approximately the size of a large eagle to the size of a small horse.

There are many beliefs about wyverns, and they differ from culture to culture. In some cultures, wyverns are considered to be evil creatures that hoard treasure and attack anyone who disturbs their hoard. In other cultures, Wyverns are seen as noble creatures and are often considered protectors of the kingdom or the treasure they guard.


Dragons are legendary creatures that appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. They are often depicted as fire-breathing creatures with wings, sharp claws, and a long tail. Unlike wyverns, dragons have four legs and two wings, and they are much larger than wyverns.

In most cultures, dragons are considered to be symbols of strength and power, and often they appear as guardians of treasures, sacred places or they even rule kingdoms. In some cultures, they are known as evil creatures that hoard treasure and kill anyone who tries to steal it.

Dragons are usually divided into two categories, Eastern or Western dragons. The Eastern dragon is more serpentine, with a longer body, no wings, and usually bearing no fire-breathing abilities. They are often revered as protectors of nature and are worshipped as divine creatures in many cultures, including China, Japan, and Korea. Western dragons, on the other hand, are more like reptiles with wings, which usually breathe fire. They are often feared and revered in Europe and Medieval times, as they were considered a symbol of danger and destruction.


A Drake is similar to a dragon in appearance, but it is smaller and has no wings. In some cultures, it is considered a type of dragon, but in other cultures, it is seen as a different creature entirely. Drakes are often depicted as serpentine creatures with long bodies and short legs, much like a wyvern.

Like the wyvern, drakes are not as commonly mentioned as dragons. In some folklore, they are considered to be fire-breathing creatures that attack travelers and hoard treasure. They are usually smaller than dragons and do not possess the intelligence or magical abilities that dragons have.

So, what are the differences?

While there is often confusion between these three creatures, there are some key differences between them. Wyverns and drakes are both smaller than dragons, and wyverns have no front legs, only two powerful wings, and powerful hind legs, making them more like a bird. On the other hand, drakes are typically serpentine creatures with short legs, making them more like snakes.

Dragons, in contrast, possess four legs and two wings, which they use to fly. They are also significantly larger than wyverns and drakes. Additionally, dragons are often considered intelligent and possess magical abilities, while wyverns and drakes are not often associated with such abilities.

Wyverns are more commonly seen as a lesser form of dragons, while drakes are typically depicted as being more beastlike and feral. Dragons are often revered or feared and considered a symbol of strength, while wyverns and drakes are not as commonly mentioned in folklore but are often seen as lesser creatures.

What are some common misconceptions?

One of the most common misconceptions is that wyverns are just a type of dragon. While they share many similarities, they are believed to be two distinct creatures with different characteristics.

Another misconception is that all dragons are evil and hoard treasures. While this is a common portrayal in many cultures, dragons are often depicted as protectors and even benevolent creatures in some cultures.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, wyverns, dragons, and drakes are different creatures with distinct physical traits and characteristics. Wyverns are two-legged, winged creatures with a barbed tail, while dragons are bigger, four-legged creatures with two wings. Drakes are more serpentine than the other two, with no wings and shorter legs. Though all three are creatures of legend, they differ from each other in size, anatomy, and characteristics.