Workstation vs Server

In the initial age of computer, it was used for personal work only. In addition, it was able to perform only one task in one time. However, with the passage of time in addition to shape and design, their functions and specifications also developed.  Many people use the terms server and workstation interchangeably. However, they are two different things. Server and Workstation both are different from each other because they are designed for performing different tasks and functions.

What is Workstation?

Workstation is different and narrower term than server. It is a kind of computer/system, which is designed for performing personal use. Mostly they are manufactured for performing high-level task like scientific, technical and operational work. Therefore, they are built in with high RAM, processor and Microprocessor inclusing powerul graphics card and interchangeable motherboard. They can perform multi task at the same time.They are slightly different from desktop computer due to their high performance and advanced accessories and hardware. They can also connect with local area network. Today many graphics designing, software developing, architecting companies are using this set up to enhance their work. In 1981, NASA (USA) developed the workstation for its aeronautical programs. Since 1983, it is being using commercially.

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workstation vs server e1549055464516

What is Server?

A server is a physical computer dedicated to host or run to one or more services to serve the needs of users and other computers on a network. Examples include print server, web server, file server or application server. It is a system, which is specially designed to perform the different functions for the client or host server and complete their requests. Like a web browser worked as client for us. When we search something on it, it by the use of HTML fetch up information from web server. They are mostly located in a special room called server room. They provides information through a network in an organization or to public openly. It deals in software, hardware or other operating system. Latest computers and windows are coming with already built in server facility. Fast internet connection is compulsory to run a server system effectively and efficiently.

Key Differences between Workstation and Server

  1. Servers is designed to help the host or client computer by in form of web server, file server, print server, software server or application server.The purpose of workstation is to perform high and complex task like technical and scientific work and this is their manufacturing purpose.
  2. Server consists upon hardware as well as software. It allows host computers to use same network and access the common data and information. Workstation also use network connection but they are developed for different personal purpose. They can also share information or data with other computers but this is not their purpose.
  3. Server can be of different kind according to requirement of users like application server, webserver, print server or file server. While workstation is designed for multi task. They mostly used for graphics designing, audio recording, video production, architecting, engineering, data base management and software development.
  4. Server is not connected with monitor all the time. Keyboard is always connected with it. Workstation is a fully-fledged computer along with all accessories of a personal computer.
  5. Server is located in a proper place, room or tower. Workstation can be replaced from on one place to another place. They are place on table like a desktop computer.