Wi-Fi vs. Hotspot

Wi-Fi and hotspot, both are used for same purpose to provide Internet wirelessly. Often people assumed that both terms are used interchangeably but they forget to comparison them according to their functions and features. There are some basic differences between Wi-Fi and hotspot regarding speed, performance, security and coverage area.

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Contents: Difference between Wi-Fi and Hotspot

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a LAWT or local area wireless technology that allows the users to exchange data and connect to Internet via an electronic device like mobile or laptop. Like LAN is used for local area network, WLAN is used for wireless local area network. Only those electronic devices, which successfully complete the testing of Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability are able to use WLAN. Today number of electronic devices like PCs, smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, digital audio players, laptops and video game consoles can use Wi-Fi. The main benefit of using Wi-Fi is that need for physical connections totally reduced and a user become able to develop a secure Internet connection.

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What is Hotspot?

Hotspot is kind of a router or physical tool, which offers Internet services via wireless local area Network (WLAN). Mostly router is based on a mobile phone which spreads the signals in the environment. Hotspot is itself connected with an Internet service provider (ISP). It means it provides Internet access via Wi-Fi technology. You can found them in coffee shops, hotels, departmental stores, restaurants, airports and any kind of public establishment. It is also known as public local area network communications (PLANCOM). It provides Internet in the range of about 33 ft. Mostly mobile companies or cellular companies provides Internet to hotspot, which than spread it onwards.

Key Differences between Wi-Fi and Hotspot

  1. Wi-Fi is a general term which is used in case of wirelessly availability of Internet while hotspot is a kind of router or physical device which is used to provide Internet via wireless technology.
  2. Wi-Fi itself is a kind of Internet service provider while hotspot is nothing just an access point.
  3. To some extent Wi-Fi is itself more secured than hotspot because in hotspot any one can access the Internet and in some cases can see the users traffic as well.
  4. Wi-Fi signal can be accessed up to range of 20 meters or 66 feet while hotspot signals can be access in the range of 33 ft.
  5. In case of many users hotspot provides low speed as compare to Wi-Fi.
  6. Wi-Fi is still a paid internet service in many locations while hotspot services are mostly free as it is offered to please the customers or visitors.
  7. Hotspot services are mostly provided by cellular or phone companies while Wi-Fi services are provided by a local area Internet service provider.
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