White Sugar vs. Caster Sugar

As the name speaks itself, the white sugar is comprised of the white granule the main purpose of which is to give sweetness. It may contain the large granules and small size granules. The utilization of the white sugar is immense across the globe as it is used in the preparation of the baked items and beverages as well. The Caster sugar, on the other hand is known as superfine sugar which comes finer when you compared to the white sugar. The caster sugar will come in front of you in the form of powder just opposite to the white sugar. The white sugar is not as much crushed as the caster sugar. It is the exclusive quality of the caster sugar that it dissolves more quickly as compared to the White sugar because the nature of the caster sugar is fine while comparing it with the white one.

What is White Sugar?

It is the characteristic of the white sugar that you are able to find its granules in an easy and a pain free manner. The granules in the white sugar can be seen easily with the naked eye. It is the refined sugar that is preferable for obtaining the sweetness in drinks and baking most of the time because the white sugar has a neutral flavor. The color of the white sugar is definitely white and it is commonly utilized at homes

What is Caster Sugar?

You are not able to find the granules in the caster sugar easily since they are very hard to see in naked eye. The name of the Caster sugar is derived from the word caster or castor, which means a container which has tiny holes for segregating granules. The common usage of the caster sugar can be seen in the process of making beverages particularly in the cold drinks given that the caster sugar can be dissolved easily. The caster sugar is made after making variations in the white sugar.

Key Differences between White Sugar and Caster Sugar

  1. The white sugar is less fine as compared to the caster sugar.
  2. After refining, the creation of the white sugar is become possible. Caster sugar is made through white sugar after making some changes.
  3. The shape of the caster sugar is powder but the white sugar is generally not available in a powdered form.
  4. The Caster sugar has the quality of dissolving more quickly than that of White sugar.
  5. A common observer feels difficult while differentiating the granules present in the caster sugar. On the contrary, it is much easier to separate the granules present in white sugar.
  6. The naked eye can see the granules in white sugar very easily but the possibility of seeing the granules in the caster sugar is relatively hard.
  7. The flavor of the White sugar is natural and because of this fact, it is chosen more for sweetening the drinks and baking items.
  8. The Caster sugar is ideal for the preparation of the whipped desserts, sorbets, custards, cakes, and cookies because it is light while comparing with the white sugar.
  9. You can dissolve the Caster sugar in the cold drinks easily but feel a bit difficult while dissolving the white sugar in the cold drinks.

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