Whisker Dimples

Whisker Dimples: The New Trend in Facial Hair

Facial hair has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, with different styles emerging among men. From bushy beards to neatly trimmed goatees, facial hair is a part of men’s grooming that has become an essential aspect of their personality. Recently, a new trend has been making rounds in the grooming industry, and it’s called whisker dimples.

Whisker dimples are the small indentations that appear on the cheeks due to growing facial hair. Think of it as a tiny, cute little dimple that elevates your overall look. This trend has emerged amidst the growing preference for a short and well-maintained facial hair look that enhances the sharpness of a man’s features.

In this article, we’ll delve into what whisker dimples are and how you can achieve them. We’ll also answer some common queries you might have about this new trend altogether.

What Are Whisker Dimples?

Whisker dimples are often referred to as “dimple chins” amongst grooming enthusiasts. These tiny indents appear on either side of your cheeks when you have a small amount of facial hair growth on them. They are essentially created by the contours of your face and the way your facial hair grows. Whisker dimples elevate the overall look of the beard or the stubble, adding a subtle touch of cuteness to the look.

How to Get Whisker Dimples?

Whisker dimples can be achieved with a simple and straightforward process. All you need is some facial hair growth on your cheeks, and you’re ready to go. The length of the hair doesn’t matter as long as it’s not too long that it covers the dimple. Clean-shaven faces won’t have whisker dimples, and a beard that’s too long will not have visible dimples.

To create whisker dimples, you can use an electric trimmer or a razor. Follow these steps to get the perfect look.

1. Let your facial hair grow out for a few days.

2. Use an electric trimmer or a razor to trim the hair on your cheeks short. Make sure the length is such that you can still see the dimples.

3. Groom the rest of the beard/stubble, depending on the length of the hair.

4. Use a trimmer to shape your dimples. You can go just below the cheekbone, but avoid going too high up as it takes away from the natural look. The goal is to create a slight indentation that doesn’t appear as though it’s been forced.

5. Clean up the area around the whisker dimples to give it a neat look.


Q: Can anyone sport whisker dimples?
A: Yes, anyone with facial hair growth on their cheeks can sport whisker dimples, regardless of their face shape or the thickness of the facial hair.

Q: How do I choose the right length for the whiskers?
A: The length of the whisker will depend on your personal preference and the thickness of your facial hair. The idea is to keep your dimples visible and not too long or too short.

Q: Are whisker dimples difficult to maintain?
A: No, whisker dimples are very easy to maintain once you’ve achieved the look. A simple trim every few days or weeks is enough to keep them looking neat and tidy.

Q: Are whisker dimples compatible with all beard styles?
A: Whisker dimples work best with shorter beards and stubble as they add a subtle touch to the overall look. Longer beards don’t have as visible dimples, and it takes away from the natural, effortless look.


Whisker dimples are an easy and effortless way to elevate your facial hair’s overall look. They’re simple to achieve and can add a subtle touch of cuteness that attracts onlookers. Whether you choose to go for a full beard or a lightly trimmed stubble, whisker dimples work with all facial hair styles. So go ahead and try this new trend for yourself and see how it enhances your grooming game.