Which Is Better Smite Or Sharpness

When it comes to Minecraft enchantments, two of the most commonly debated enchantments are Smite and Sharpness. Both of these enchantments are designed to enhance the power and damage of melee weapons, but the difference between the two is significant. So, which is better Smite or Sharpness?

Firstly, it is essential to understand what each of these enchantments does. Smite is a weapon enchantment that deals extra damage against undead mobs such as zombies and skeletons. In contrast, Sharpness is an enchantment that increases the damage of a weapon against all types of mobs.

Now that we have an understanding of the two enchantments let’s explore which is better. The answer to this question is not clear and depends on the player’s specific needs, preferences and the Minecraft gaming tier that they are playing.

If you are playing in the early Minecraft gaming tier, then Smite enchantment is the better option. The reason is that in the early game, players encounter mostly undead mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and phantoms. With Smite enchantment, players can deal a lot more damage to these mobs than with an unenchanted weapon.

However, let’s say you progress through the game and reach mid to late gaming tier. At this stage, you will encounter a broader range of mobs that are not entirely undead. Here, Sharpness has a significant advantage over Smite because it can deal extra damage to all types of mobs. Therefore, Sharpness will be a more efficient enchantment to have, as it grants the player the ability to deal more damage to any mob, not just undead ones.

In terms of the enchantments, there is no clear winner here, as the choice of which enchantment is better depends heavily on the player’s gaming style and preferences.

In addition to the context of the game stage, other factors could lead players to choose one over the other. For example, if players want to farm specific mobs like wither skeletons or zombies, Smite enchantment is more beneficial as it would deal more damage to those mobs. However, if a player is farming blaze or creepers, Sharpness enchantment would be better because it deals more damage to all mobs, and not just undead ones.

Another factor to consider when deciding which enchantment is best for you is the level of enchantment. Enchantments come in different levels of power and effect, with level V being the highest. Smite can play a crucial role for players looking for high damage when dealing with undead mobs as the level of the enchantment determines the amount of extra damage dealt. Therefore, if players are looking for high damage, they should choose Smite with a higher level enchantment.

Conversely, if players want to deal higher damage to all types of mobs, Sharpness is the better choice. It can increase the player’s base damage by up to four points at maximum level, making it the best enchantment for those looking for higher damage across a variety of mobs.

The choice of enchantment also depends on the type of weapon players are using. Swords are best for Sharpness enchantment, as they have a high number of hits, and Sharpness enchantment boosts all attacks. On the other hand, Axes have a higher base damage, which makes Smite enchantment more beneficial, as it drives up damage on every hit.

In conclusion, the question of which enchantment is better between Sharpness and Smite depends on several factors, including the level of play, the type of mobs being encountered, the enchantment level, and the weapon being used. While both enchantments increase damage on weapons, they have different effects, and each serves a unique purpose. Hence, it is essential to have a clear understanding of these two enchantments before opting for one over the other. To summarize, Sharpness is ideal for higher damage to all types of mobs, while Smite is best for higher damage to undead mobs.