When Do Bones And Booth Get Together

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When Do Bones and Booth Get Together?

Bones and Booth, the main characters of the popular TV show Bones, shared a compelling chemistry from the start, marked by witty banter, mutual respect, and professional collaboration. However, their personal relationship remained complicated for several seasons, as they navigated their respective traumas, career goals, and romantic entanglements. Fans eagerly awaited the moment when Bones and Booth would finally get together, and when they did, it was both satisfying and challenging. This article explores the timeline and dynamics of Bones and Booth’s relationship, and answers some common questions that fans may have.

Season 1-3: Friends, Partners, and Foreshadowing

Bones and Booth, or Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), first met in the pilot episode of Bones, when Booth sought Brennan’s forensic expertise in a murder investigation. Despite their different personalities and backgrounds, Brennan’s rational and scientific mind versus Booth’s emotional and intuitive nature, they quickly established a rapport and a working relationship. Over the next few seasons, Bones and Booth solved various crimes together, sometimes aided by their quirky and loyal colleagues, such as Angela (Michaela Conlin), Hodgins (TJ Thyne), and Cam (Tamara Taylor).

Bones and Booth’s friendship grew stronger as they faced challenges that tested their trust, such as when Booth was framed for murder or when Bones discovered that her parents were long-dead but had left her a mysterious message. Along the way, they also showed signs of romantic interest, both subtle and overt. For example, Booth frequently called Bones by her nickname “Bones,” kissed her hand or cheek, and expressed admiration for her brain and beauty. Bones, in turn, appreciated Booth’s protective and caring side, especially towards her brother Russ (Loren Dean) and his son Parker (Ty Panitz), and sometimes hinted at her physical attraction to him, such as when she asked him to unzip her dress or went undercover as his girlfriend.

Season 4-5: Obstacles, Developments, and Confessions

Bones and Booth’s romantic tension became more apparent in season 4, when Booth started a serious relationship with a journalist named Hannah (Katheryn Winnick). Bones, who had just returned from a sabbatical in Maluku and was expecting Booth to welcome her back, felt hurt and jealous upon learning about Hannah. However, she tried to be supportive of Booth and even attended his hockey games with Hannah, albeit reluctantly. Meanwhile, Bones dated a few men, including a sepak takraw player named Finn (Luke Kleintank) and her former professor Dr. Michael Stires (Enrico Colantoni), but none of them compared to Booth in her eyes.

Throughout season 5, Bones and Booth faced more obstacles in their romantic journey, such as Booth’s temporary paralysis, Bones’ revelation about her feelings to Sweets (John Francis Daley), and Booth’s impulsive marriage proposal to Hannah. However, their bond also deepened as they shared more vulnerable moments, such as when Booth opened up about his addiction and gambling past, or when Bones confided in Booth about her fear of losing him. In the season finale, which also served as the series finale (but was later renewed), Bones and Booth shared a poignant and unforgettable scene in a hospital room, after Booth rescued Bones from the comatose serial killer the Gravedigger (Deirdre Lovejoy). As they sat together, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, Booth said: “Bones, I’m carrying you. I’m carrying you with me. Always. Always.”

Season 6-9: Investigations, Intimacy, and Challenges

Bones and Booth’s relationship took a major turn in season 6, after Hannah left Booth and Bones returned from a trip to Indonesia, where she encountered a young girl who reminded her of her own childhood trauma. Although both Bones and Booth were hesitant to act on their feelings, as they didn’t want to jeopardize their partnership or their friendship, they eventually admitted that they were in love with each other. However, their joy was short-lived, as they faced more obstacles, such as a new boss who disapproved of their romantic involvement, a pregnancy scare, and a proposal from a wealthy and witty Englishman named Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), whom Bones considered as an alternative. Yet, despite all the challenges, Bones and Booth remained committed to each other, even when one of them was in danger or in doubt.

Seasons 8 and 9 also presented some twists and tests for Bones and Booth’s relationship, such as when they welcomed their daughter Christine (Sunnie Pelant) and got married in a private but heartfelt ceremony, or when Booth was framed for murder and underwent some traumatic experiences that shook his faith in justice and humanity. Bones and Booth also faced the challenge of balancing their parental and professional roles, as they tackled complex cases while raising a young and curious child. However, they relied on their teamwork, their humor, and their support for each other, even when they disagreed or made mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did Bones and Booth first kiss?
A: Bones and Booth first kissed in the season 3 episode “The Santa in the Slush”, when Booth took Bones to see some Christmas lights and declared his love for her under a mistletoe.

Q: How long did Bones and Booth date before getting married?
A: Bones and Booth dated on and off for several seasons, but they officially got together in the season 6 episode “The Hole in the Heart”, and got married in the season 9 episode “The Woman in White”.

Q: What happened to Hannah, Booth’s girlfriend before Bones?
A: Hannah, a journalist who worked in Afghanistan, met Booth while he was serving there as a sniper. They dated for a year and eventually moved in together, but Booth broke up with her when he realized that he was still in love with Bones.

Q: Why did Bones and Booth name their daughter Christine?
A: Bones and Booth named their daughter Christine after Booth’s mother, who was also Brennan’s closest friend and confidante before she died of cancer.

Q: Did Bones and Booth have any other romantic partners besides each other?
A: Yes, Bones and Booth dated several other people before and during their relationship, but none of them lasted or had the same depth and passion as their connection.


Bones and Booth’s journey from partners to lovers to parents and spouses was one of the most memorable and cherished storylines in Bones, and a testament to the actors’ and writers’ skills and chemistry. While their relationship had some bumps and hiccups, as any realistic and mature relationship would, Bones and Booth never lost their admiration, respect, and affection for each other, and always found a way back to each other’s arms. Their love story was not just a subplot, but a crucial part of the show’s heart and soul, and a source of inspiration and comfort for many fans who related to their struggles and triumphs. When Bones and Booth finally got together, it felt like a long-awaited and deserved reward for their hard work and loyalty, and a promise of a happy and fulfilling future.