What\’S The Difference Between Mythical And Legendary Pokemon

What’s The Difference Between Mythical And Legendary Pokemon?

Pokemon is a popular franchise that features various creatures with unique abilities that can be captured and trained by trainers, also known as pokemon trainers. Pokemon trainers can utilize mythical and legendary Pokemon to win battles and conquer the land of the Pokemon world. However, while both of these types of Pokemon are extremely powerful, there are significant differences between them that are worth exploring.

Mythical Pokemon are considered the rarest creatures in the Pokemon world. These Pokemon are often shrouded in mystery and are difficult to find, even for trainers who are actively seeking them. Mythical Pokemon are generally created to promote special events, movies, or other unique experiences that are available to only a select few people. For example, the mythical Pokemon Mew was only obtainable by attending a handful of special events in the early 2000s.

On the other hand, legendary Pokemon are more prevalent in the Pokemon world, but still hold a great deal of importance. They are considered to be the most powerful and influential creatures in the Pokemon universe. Unlike mythical Pokemon, legendary Pokemon have storylines within the game and are often involved in the region’s lore. They are considered to be the protectors of the land and guide the trainers as they journey across the world.

In terms of the physical appearance between mythical and legendary Pokemon, there are some notable differences. Mythical Pokemon are often smaller in size and are more intricate in design. They may have unique features or attributes that set them apart from other Pokemon. For example, the mythical Pokemon Celebi has a distinctive green color and is often depicted with wings.

Legendary Pokemon, on the other hand, are often larger in size and are designed to be imposing and powerful. They often have a more simplistic design and are created to look intimidating to their enemies. Legendary Pokemon usually feature the iconic colors of red and blue, with some exceptions like the black and white colors of Reshiram and Zekrom.

While both mythical and legendary Pokemon are extremely difficult to obtain and offer players a significant boost in power, there are some differences in how they are obtained. Mythical Pokemon are usually obtained only by participating in special events that are being held by the creators of the Pokemon game. On the other hand, legendary Pokemon can be obtained through in-game means, such as defeating them in battle or catching them in the wild.

In terms of gameplay, both mythical and legendary Pokemon offer some of the most powerful abilities in the game. They often come equipped with rare or unique moves that can turn the tide of any battle. However, because of their rarity, they must be used sparingly in a player’s game plan, as it can be difficult to obtain another one if they are lost or faint.


To conclude, while both mythical and legendary Pokemon are powerful creatures that offer many benefits to trainers, they are fundamentally different. Mythical Pokemon are the rarest and most difficult to obtain, with intricate designs and attributes that differentiate them from other Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon, on the other hand, are more prevalent and play a more significant role in the game’s story and lore. They often offer simpler designs, but are no less powerful than their mythical counterparts. Both types of Pokemon can offer trainers significant advantages in gameplay, and they should be pursued by any trainer looking for a competitive edge in the Pokemon game.

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