Whats The Difference Between Blunts And Joints

Smoking cannabis has been a favourite activity for many cannabis users. They enjoy the herb for its relaxing effects and the calming experience it offers. There are different ways of consuming cannabis, and the two most common methods are through using blunts or joints. These two methods are undoubtedly the most popular methods of smoking cannabis, and they come with their unique differences. In this article, we will differentiate between blunts and joints and their differences.


Joints are the most common way that most cannabis enthusiasts smoke. Joints are small roll-ups made of thin papers, which are filled with cannabis. Most people prefer joints because they can quickly roll them up, and it’s easy to pass around. Joints are usually rolled using rolling papers, which come in various sizes and materials. The most common material used to make rolling papers is hemp and rice paper. Other materials include cellulose and flax.

The size of joints is another aspect that differentiates them from blunts. Joints are typically much smaller than blunts, making them a more popular option for those who want to consume small amounts of cannabis. Joints are also available in different shapes, including cones, straight tubes, and even custom creations.

The cannabis that is put into a joint is usually dried and ground. The ground cannabis is then twisted up in the rolling paper, and it should be distributed evenly throughout the paper to ensure a steady burn. Rolling a joint is, therefore, an art that takes time and practice to perfect.


Blunts are a popular method of smoking cannabis, and they are made from the tobacco leaf in a cigar or cigarillo. Blunts are common among those who enjoy smoking cigars, and they seek to get a dual benefit from smoking them. Unlike joints, blunts are usually larger and can hold more cannabis. Blunts can be either machine-rolled or hand-rolled depending on the preference of the smoker.

The tobacco leaf inside a blunt makes them a more potent method of smoking cannabis. The tobacco leaf inside the blunt contains nicotine, which can result in a stronger high. However, the nicotine in the tobacco leaf may not be of interest to everyone.

Blunts are also available in different flavours, which can enhance the experience. The most popular flavours include fruit, vanilla, and chocolate. The cigar that makes up the blunt has to be deconstructed, and the tobacco is then removed before the cannabis is added. Because of these steps, rolling a blunt may take some practice.

Similarities between Blunts and Joints

Blunts and joints are both methods of smoking cannabis, and they share some similarities. Both methods involve rolling up cannabis in a wrap or paper, which is then smoked. They are also both easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go cannabis users. They both require some level of skill to roll-up properly, and the experience can be enhanced by adding some flavour.

Differences Between Blunts and Joints

The most significant difference between blunts and joints is the material used to construct them. Blunts are rolled using cigar or cigarillo wraps, which contain tobacco, while joints are rolled in paper without tobacco. This means that there is nicotine present when smoking a blunt, which may give it a stronger flavour and a more potent high.

Another difference is in the size of the roll-up. Blunts are usually much larger than joints and can hold more cannabis. They are, therefore, a more popular method of smoking cannabis for those who want to get higher for longer. Joints, on the other hand, are usually much smaller and designed to hold less cannabis.

Blunts are also pricier than joints because of the additional cost of buying the cigar wraps or cigarillo wraps. This makes them the method of choice for those who want to indulge in a more luxurious cannabis experience.

In Conclusion

Both blunts and joints are popular ways of smoking cannabis, and choosing between them comes down to personal preference. Joints are more popular because they are relatively easy to roll and are available in different sizes and shapes. They are also cheaper and contain zero nicotine, making them a better option for those who do not smoke tobacco.

Blunts, on the other hand, have a unique smell and flavour and a stronger high because of the nicotine content. They are also larger, making them ideal for group smoking, and the wraps come in different flavours to enhance the experience. Their tobacco content makes them unsuitable for those who don’t smoke tobacco.

In summary, both blunts and joints are excellent methods of smoking cannabis, and which one you choose depends on your preference, the size of the group you are smoking with, and how much cannabis you want to consume.