What\’S An Ab Degree

What’s an AB Degree – Complete Guide

As students enter college, they are often faced with several degree options. One common degree is the AB degree. But what exactly is an AB degree?

Defining an AB Degree

An AB degree, also known as a Bachelor of Arts, is an undergraduate degree that emphasizes humanities and social sciences. It’s an academic degree program that requires students to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. AB degrees are usually granted by liberal arts colleges or universities.

An AB degree is not as specialized as a Bachelor of Science degree, which focuses on technical and scientific fields. Therefore, an AB degree is often seen as a more broad-based education that provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills that can be applied to various areas.

AB Degree Curriculum

The curriculum of an AB degree focuses on arts, literature, language, philosophy, and social sciences. Most students will engage in a variety of courses in areas such as history, psychology, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, and so on. Courses will also focus on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills.

In addition, students will have to take general education courses, such as mathematics, writing, and physical education, to graduate with an AB degree. In most cases, students can also choose to major or minor in a particular area of interest, such as English or Political Science.

Benefits of an AB Degree

An AB degree offers a lot of benefits to students. First, it provides a broad-based education, which ensures that students have a wide range of knowledge and skills. This is essential for students who are not sure about what career path they want to take. An AB degree provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests and identity their career goals.

Secondly, an AB degree is versatile. It equips students with a range of transferable skills that can be applied to various industries. These include research and analytical skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. Graduates can find work in a variety of fields, including education, journalism, law, social work, public services, and business.

Finally, an AB degree offers the opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality. Students learn about different cultures, societies, and traditions, and develop an understanding of diverse perspectives. Such broad-based knowledge and diverse perspectives can enhance personal growth and development.

Cost of an AB Degree

The cost of an AB degree varies depending on the college or university. On average, students will pay around $30,000 per year at a private institution and $10,500 per year at a public university. Most colleges and universities offer financial aid packages to students, which can help to offset the cost of tuition fees.

Career Prospects after an AB degree

After earning an AB degree, students can pursue various career paths. Some popular options include:

Education: Graduates can become teachers in secondary schools or higher education institutions.

Law: AB degree holders can go on to law school and become lawyers.

Journalism: Graduates can work as reporters, editors, or writers in media organizations.

Business: Graduates can take up jobs in management, finance, and marketing.

Public Services: Graduates can work in law enforcement, politics, social work, and non-profit organizations.

Graduate Studies: AB degree holders can pursue advanced studies in social sciences, humanities, or related fields.

How to choose the right AB Degree Program

The decision to pursue an AB degree is a significant one, and students must choose the right program. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an AB degree program:

Curriculum: Look at the courses offered and ensure that they align with your interests and career goals.

Faculty expertise: Research the faculty and ensure that the program has professors who are experts in your areas of interest.

Location: Consider the location and ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Cost: Compare the tuition fees of different programs and choose one that falls within your budget.

Reputation: Consider the ranking and reputation of the college or university offering the AB degree program.


An AB degree is an excellent option for students interested in humanities and social sciences. It provides a broad-based education that can be applied to various industries. With proper research and careful consideration, students can choose the right AB program and start a fulfilling career path in their desired fields.